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The Pusher Ball then changes into a regular Ball when the push is complete. After shooting a piece, the next piece in the queue moves onto the shooter. Dropping a Pusher Ball might lift an adjacent column up and push a piece right over the top, which will end your game! In order to keep things fair, every player in any particular tournament will play the same level. Up arrow Game Scoring It is important to remember that you only receive points for cracking or destroying Gems.

For any one level, all the important pieces will be the same for all players, such as the positions of gems, cages, and blockers. Game Goal Clear all the gems from the board as quickly as possible. Download now and be the first to let us know what you think! Make a match adjacent to the Cage.

Your review should appear soon. Your username is permanent and yours forever. The maximum speed bonus for each Gem is then multiplied times the percentage of game time remaining.

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Secure Form Forgot your password? Solve the puzzles, recover the Medallions, save the Temple! An Energy Ball will free trapped pieces that are the same color as the Energy Ball.

The levels in the Hard set tend to have more complicated puzzles, and often require careful use of the special pieces. The different levels challehged you more.

If, however, the pieces in the adjacent column are blocked above by a Blocker piece, then the push will attempt to continue into the next column over. If the Cage holds a Ball, then you must make a color match that involves the trapped Ball. Share on Facebook Tweet Gift this game.


If the trapped piece is a Gem, then any valid match adjacent to the Cage will break it. The next game to come was the word game, Word Mojo. FreshGames was a Columbus, Ohio based publisher and developer of casual, hand-held, and mobile games.

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The following year FreshGames continued with their third title, Freakout. You should begin receiving emails from iWin. This means that the earlier you destroy a Gem, the more points you'll get. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The name of the level is displayed at the start of each game.


Shockwave has games for everyone! If you destroy a Gem in one move, without cracking it first, you get the full value. Unless an adjacent Blocker piece prevents it, then that pushed piece will move into the adjacent column, pushing up the pieces that were there and slipping underneath them. In many levels, pieces are added to the bottom of the board, pushing existing pieces up, so be careful! Seriously, those are your tutorial levels.

Shockwave adds games frequently so there are always new games available. Shockwave is the ultimate destination to play games. It is important to remember that you only receive points for cracking or destroying Gems. Secure Form Choose your username Your username will be displayed on your review. Had to delete it to move on to other games and to get a life.

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Move the shooter left or right with the Mouse. There's also a Speed Bonus added when you destroy a Gem, so the faster you break the Gems, the more points you'll get. Our games are guaranteed safe and free of viruses and malicious software. Game Rules Use the mouse to move the shooter left or right.

You have to play Arcade before you can unlock Adventure Mode. It will not break open Cages that hold Gems, however.

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Game Pieces Pusher Balls are one of the most important pieces in the game, and are the key to mastering ZenGems! It is recommended that players stay with the Easy set until they become familiar with ZenGems and are ready to step up the challenge! There are many levels in ZenGems, marathi bharud mp3 song and each one plays differently.

Gorgeous music, exquisite graphics and an amusing story of enlightenment elevate your experience. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. For example, one puzzle might require you to drop a red Pusher Ball onto a green Ball, pushing that Ball into two other green Balls, creating a match. Shockwave has a large selection of fun online and download dress up games.

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