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Wot matchmaking winrate, win rate suspect/matchmaking algorithm

Win rate suspect/Matchmaking algorithm

Just because a company owns a patent, doesn't mean they use it. The problem for people is, if you dont understand the situation and run out to flank or make something happen you get killed and make it worse for your team, a typical noob move. It is possible, we can all read it in the patent.

Matchmaking/winrate.. For Honor General Discussions

Matchmaking & Winrate

Angela Simmons

This is probably also unintended in my opinion. But I will say situational awerness and aggression at the right times wins games that could be lost otherwise. Did you really get better? Does anyone take them seriously nowdays?

Wargaming smooths wins across the player base, to make more money. They decide which values are good, which are bad, and how they are obtained. Plain as the nose on your face. And when you lose, tips on dating your battle tier drops.

However, my winrate has not reflected the losses. It does such to work hard to improve at this game, but actually decline in winrate. This happens over and over again. You're already taking all the right steps by doing your research and constantly learning. That kind of situational awareness takes time and experience to develop.

WOTINFO - WoT player statistics- wn7 wn8 efficiency tracking

That whole piece of text talks about being a top tank or not based on losing or winning. Im probably just average on that aspect. There are definitely times when I'll sacrifice myself and my stats to do what needs done so the team can win. It's just not worth the frustration anymore.

  1. And they said the won't fix matches, after a player complained he is place in the losing team repeatedly!
  2. The left team always has worse tanks and players.
  3. Going back to the sony example, they patented away to effective destroy the trade of second hand games.
  4. But then there are these other players who just know forcing a move gets you killed so they never do it at all.
  5. At least these show that your imaginary doesn't work as good as you think.
  6. Anyone in doubt should collect their own evidence showing that matchmaker isnt rigged.

Whether it is actually rigged or not I don't see a way of knowing. Therefore, he will forgive less mistakes from them and will be more frustrated with the lack of skill in them. So, if it's rigged, then it's not at the same time. But what about the other team?

There's no point in damaging tanks when most your team are dead. If you have success winning, it will make you lose and vice versa. To your other point, cappers usually have the stats you described. It's simply an option, that shows Wargaming was thinking about this.

Matchmaking wot win rate

Of the really good players, an overwhelming majority never complains about the matchmaking. This rigged matchmaking also happens in World of Warships as well. There's no proof that the current matchmaking system used in World of Tanks is rigged. However, recently I've been thoroughly going through opponents winrates and stats, seeing how I stack up.

  • Its real and you can see it working like that if you just start to track your games.
  • Bounced so many shots with T American that I had to sell it.
  • They are also backed and supported fully by Wargaming in this endeavor.
  • The last three to four weeks has been as you described, kind of brought back down to earth.
  • Take a good deal of time and decide whether there is something special between both of you.

Stats tracking

For the Record On the WG matchmaking patent and rigged MM

50 winrate myth World Of Tanks Rigged For Money

Matchmaking wot win rate

It goes beyond battle tiers. Oh, and for me quite often experience is to have monkeys in low tiers with winners in the top. While it is your experience that unicum platoons get matched at the top more, my experience is that all platoons do.

The yellows are your only hope. But then again, it could just be my bias. The section describing the rigging is in the specification not the claims. It doesn't decide the battles outcome before the first shot, right?

It is easy to see and feel when you grind the same tank for thousands of maps. Newer Post Older Post Home. Because, if were to install back, guess what would happen? If there's something I don't know about how I'm getting matched with other players, I wish it would be made clear.

Capped winrate

Capped winrate World Of Tanks Rigged For Money
Rigged Match Making

It's just not constructive, so only focus on things you can control! So the statistical probability of getting bad match isn't negligible. Not sure what to do at this point.

Now, no run-of-the-mill, ordinary customer knows about this. Even if it's true, game is about challenges, si? Tips Please take your time and read the blog rules.

It calculates how pro player is and starts to shoot incredible shit teams and low rolls against your tank. The idiots don't even notice such things. As with everything i've posted in this thread, these are all my opinions though.

Capped winrate World Of Tanks Rigged For Money

Dating agencies is a convenient way to meet interesting people and initiate a relation of friendship and love. The are some players who have mad skills taking down tanks one on one. Plus its more fun dictating the tempo. Try for balance, try for the win but not at the sacrifice of damage and see if that helps. So, at this point, dating I'm pretty confident that I'm not a bad player.

Vegas was founded to make money via gambling. Work on getting yourself into a position where you can start damaging tanks as early as possible but be careful not to over extend so keep an eye on where the rest of your team is. Switching to a different tier or a different tank, or starting a new grind with a stock tank, can all dramatically effect your win rate. Games are for me, at least a stress release.

Rigged Match Making

50 winrate myth

Despite good stats theybstill lack that feel for the battle to know when to strike the killing blow, or they are just passive players by nature. The information available here is great. You try to compare an elephant with an ant.

Sounds like the same exact shit that happens in WoT. Before anyone gets salty, I'm not claiming to be a great player. So, my question here is how is this happening?

Capped winrate
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