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Islam is a church in countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, where there is no separation of church and state. Cults tend to emphasize the individual and individual peace. Include church, denomination, sect, cult, new religious movement, and institutionalized sect. The development of norms results in a decrease in spontaneity, which is often one of the primary attractions of sects. They have a mixture of sect-like and denomination-like characteristics.

Nevertheless, the categorisation scheme is useful as it also outlines a sort of developmental process for religions. They have few or no consequences for the lives of adherents.

Denominations come into existence when churches lose their religious monopoly in a society. One is mystical and the other is instrumental. Most of the well-known denominations of the U. But, unlike sects, they can form without breaking off from another religious group, though this is by no means always the case.

Ideal types are pure examples of the categories. An example of an institutionalized sect that did not become a denomination are the Mennonites. Cults are inherently ephemeral and loosely organized.

They may lack most of the characteristics of religious movements. Religious denomination The denomination lies between the church and the sect on the continuum. The relationship between clients and the leaders of client cults resembles that of patients and therapists. And even if the membership does not grow or grows slowly, norms will develop to govern group activities and behavior. But given their closer semblance to denominations than to the cult type, it is more accurate to describe them as denominations.

Cults are inherently ephemeral andIdeal types are pure examples

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