Relationships Advice From Celebs

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We were just starting in good positions. Keep the lines of communication open at all times. He is hardworking and intelligent and I appreciate that he works with integrity as best as he can.

Making it work The benefit of keeping our relationship out of the spotlight is that we have privasy. My main concern is always that I have a responsibility to my family to represent our marriage in a way that will never cause them embarrassment or hurt. Of course there are social media critics and female fans that come with being with someone in the lime light. We are no longer together but have maintained a strong friendship, which ensures that we can overcome any challenge or obstacle that we encounter as a unit. The biggest benefit of keeping our relationship private is that we get to avoid unnecessary pressures and distractions.

He told me to go to the kitchen and help myself. Making decisions that suit us both and keep the love alive is what keeps us together.

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Treat the things that make you happy with delicacy because they contribute towards your sanity and well-being. People have no business knowing who you wake up next to. My love advice Do what works best for the two of you. Many articles have been written about our so called bitter relationship.

Yeye and I talk about everything. For a whole month my husband recovered and now he's ok. If I notice someone being a tad too sassy, I ask him to put them in check. Like me, he loved the cool drink too and made it similarly to how I made it.

We got married in and have twin boys. It may have changed him physically but it never changed our love for each other.

So many things can and do go wrong in between all of that. Respect, communication and keeping things fun and exciting work well. We both come from prominent, yet private families who never bothered with fame. To this day I maintain that my personal life has nothing to do with anything. We work towards a common goal without having total strangers who know nothing about it adding their two cents.

Keeping our relationship private was an unconscious decision that we both made to keep our family life in the family. His job makes him happy and I want him to be happy. So when a journalist calls one about the other, we immediately inform each other. She also helped us to get our accident funds and we've manage to rise again, as my husband has managed to set up his own autospare shop in Pretoria and life came back on track again.

The spotlight that comes with us being public figures is something I never think of. We never officially broke up and by some work of fate, we met again in and found it hard to deny ourselves the opportunity to be together. Just starting to earn a good income. Being in sport, we happened to move in the same circles. The minute the outside determines your relationship, it really is no longer yours.

Keeping our relationship private is simple. We maintain a close bond over and above Thato. We went there and she would take her time working on my husband, using her african medicine.

We discuss a lot of things that involve our son as everything we do is for his greater good. There was something about him that I found very attractive. You run your relationship according to who you are and not to what others might say or see.

Making it work What has worked for us is knowing that marriage is hard work. We maintain our relationship by respecting our commitment to each other, by talking and teaching each other how to be better people so that we can make each other happy.

Relationships Advice From Celebs

For a whole month myYeye and I