Strictly star Karen Clifton makes exciting new family announcement

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The dynamic and energy we give each other on the dancefloor will never change. When Steph announced she was pregnant, Jeremy refused to believe he was the father and throughout the pregnancy she was determined to raise her baby on her own. After their split, they completed an intense date tour, performing for their fans around the country. The professional dancer, who separated from husband Kevin Clifton earlier this year, is currently in the midst of rehearsing for the upcoming series of Strictly Come Dancing.

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Strictly Come Dancing's Karen Clifton makes exciting new family announcement

Rumours surfaced a couple of weeks ago that Kevin and Karen Clifton were going through a bit of a tough time in their marriage. The pair made it all the way to the final, landing in fourth place overall. Trivia In her spare time, Karen loves cooking and baking, and her favourite things to make are Pavlovas and Victoria sponge cakes. He's a friend of a friend who is currently serving time in prison for violent drugs-related charges, and he is expected to be released later this year.

Following their break-up, Daniella claimed that Tom had violently attacked her although the charges were eventually dropped. Karen explained that the dancers tried hard to make their marriage work but many things got in the way, including working on the show - they simply didn't have enough time for each other. As a dancer and choreographer, Karen has worked with some of the biggest stars in the world, including Jennifer Lopez. He already has a daughter from a previous relationship, but Amy has been with him for two years now. He is due for release in the next few weeks.

The pair flaunted their impressive six-packs in sweaty mirror snaps in rehearsals, fuelling the fires of speculation about their professional relationship. Karen and Kevin Clifton Karen Clifton revealed that she had to turn to therapy to deal with the breakdown of her marriage to fellow professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing star Kevin. During last year's series, the couple avoided dancing with each other on the show's final episode, which fuelled rumours that their marriage was in trouble.

The Paso allows you to be a strong powerful woman, while the Rumba expresses femininity. Jeremy denied any wrongdoing and is now in rehab dealing with his demons. Background Karen was born in Valencia, Venezuela, and took up dancing after moving to New York when she was eight years old. He has the perfect partner in the show in Karen as what she delivers is amazing. However, during the time of their marriage breakdown George was allegedly detained for assault and unlawful possession of a taser.

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Steph has confirmed she'll be there for him when he gets out. They have apparently been spotted out together a few times and he was seen leaving her home on Saturday morning. When she left the house, she also had to face rumours that he had cheated on her numerous times.