How to Cope With Your Ex Dating Someone Else

What to do when you find out your ex is dating someone else

Spending time renewing your energy by doing things you enjoy and taking care of yourself physically can help to increase your feelings of self-worth. Most rebound relationships are over in weeks, and your ex's rebound will likely be equally short-lived. But, while it may seem absolutely terrible right now, things aren't actually as bad as they seem. Now you are free from them and can go on to rule the world.

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They can encourage you to see the relationship in a more balanced way, both the good and the bad. So when your ex does stop dating Mr. Stalk their social media We understand that the appeal is there.

How to Cope With Your Ex Dating Someone Else

Go spend time with yourself and

To you, possibly at your most vulnerable, this indicates that your ex has dealt with the relationship's end better than you have. There is a reason you are no longer with that person. Keep in mind that a rebound is not a romantic, love-based relationship. It is okay be feel whatever emotions make their way to your surface.

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Spend time with the important people who are already in your life. Spend too much time sulking When you devote time and effort to someone, it is okay to be sad when they move on and give to someone else want you possibly wanted.

Go spend time with yourself and really take the time you need to ensure your own happiness. Talk more with your family and reach out to friends.

Their perspective also can help reduce your feelings of jealousy. Work on focusing your attention to yourself. It's a very painful thought, and one that can turn the strongest men into sobbing wrecks. And as I'll explain below, that's good news for you.