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Brenda and Nick have been described as the perfect couple that was never to be. Brenda Wairimu And Juliani The million dollar question many have never found an answer to is how the hell Juliani trounced Nick Mutumu to win the heart of Brenda Wairimu. Juliani somehow managed to score himself an eye candy many thought was way out of his league.

Folks are obsessed with hearing news, positive or negative, concerning Nameless and his wife Wahu. Celebrity couples in kenya. Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru Bob and his wife Wambui dominated google search for almost a month after they exchanged vows in April this year. They draw lot of public interest that when you google their names the search engine feeds you with too much information some of which are baffling.

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Haters spew venom on the couple due to many reasons. But Eric Omondi turned the misfortune into luck as he hooked up Chantal Grazioli whom he quickly got engaged to.

Juliani somehow managedBrenda Wairimu AndFolks are obsessed with hearing newsBrenda and Nick have been