Vital partners dating problem

Vital partners dating problem

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They do the same with your potential match and if you are both interested in meeting they provide you with their details to arrange the date. It is encouraged that all members meet their matches because they have been handpicked from a large pool and extensive compatibility testing is taken into account. They send you profiles of people that they think would best suit you photos, interests, values. Yes, there are a number of gentlemen who scored extremely well with you on the compatibility test and fulfil the criteria you put forward.

After my interview I was very keen. Silver members should expect to meet four members over the course of six months. Secondly, as new members join each and every day, it may happen that someone extremely compatible with you may come on board down the track. Following the professional advice of all matchmakers will no doubt put one in good stead for the future. However, if a member says no to their monthly match, they have the right to request another one or wait until the following month.

Depending on how well one is suited to the other members available, sometimes one may meet four gentlemen in four months. This needs to be clarified. It should be that you can reject a profile with a valid reason at any time, and another suitable person will then be offered instead.

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If you say yes and the gentlemen says no, it will not count against your introductions or match count. As mentioned previously, time is more so a guideline for us because we adopt a qualitative approach. She had a clipboard with a questionaire about my ideal husband.

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