Violetta saison 3 episode 27 completely unexplainable dating

Violetta saison 3 episode 27 completely unexplainable dating

She tells Leon that their relationship shouldn't have ended and that their love was very strong. Diego feels upset about not knowing who his father is and Violetta tries to comfort him. Violetta asks Leon if he knows why Lara's there, Leon replies that they are on a date. Herman tells Violetta that he won't be able to see her show. Meanwhile, a new student from Israel arrives at the Studio.

After eavesdropping on Violetta and Leon, Herman complains to Ramallo about it. Her name is Libi, and Andres is immediately interested in her. Jade forces Herman to tell Esmeralda that he got fired from the job at the restaurant.

Diego comes in and tells Violetta that she must try to forget Leon, but she says that it's hard to forget anyone. Blinded by sadness, he decides to keep her past and her mother's fate from Violetta, worried that she might follow in her footsteps. Matias tells Jade that there are plenty other men for her out there, but she refuses and says that she wants Herman.

At the same time, Leon arrives to see Violetta and gets jealous about her having fun with Diego. Ludmila nags at Diego to get Violetta out of the studio. Angie tries to visit Jeremiah, but the address is false.

This makes her stop singing half way through the first chorus. The group travel to Seville, Spain where Violetta and Leon realise their true feelings for each other and Gery and Clement end up together. They end up getting calls from each other which they find quite strange. Ludmila starts to become a better person and when forced to choose between staying in the Studio On Beat or be a star, she chooses the Studio.

Following the Cris MorenaShooting began in SeptemberVioletta confides in Francesca

Ludmila picks on Violetta and gets an idea in her head that Violetta lip-synced her whole show. Ramallo tells the truth to Herman and says that he always pushes Violetta too hard. Lara gets jealous and walks away from her date with Leon.

Marco goes away, and Francesca and Diego fell in love with each other. The final scenes from the second season were shot in Spain. Diego tells Ludmila that Violetta's days are numbered at the studio, but she says that she's heard it before.

Violetta confides in Francesca. Following the Cris Morena model, the cast played concerts daily during the Winter Vacation. Shooting began in September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lasted for seven months.

Bridgit Mendler made a cameo appearance in the second season. Diego asks Violetta if she would like to make pizza with him at the Castillo household. She agrees, and while they're kneading dough, they start throwing flour and chasing each other. Everything changes when they return to their homeland in Buenos Aires. Ludmila tells Diego that he's wasting her time and not getting the job done quick enough.

Marco does everything to date Francesca, who doesn't know what she feels for him. With dreams and individual ambitions multiplied by fame, the group began to crumble, putting Studio On Beat in danger. Meanwhile, Ludmila and Diego trade threats about what they know about each other.