Vegan raw dating

Vegan raw dating

Practice yoga, meditation and running. We live in paradise on an organic permaculture farm in Costa Rica. We prepare gourmet raw vegan foods straight from the land daily. All sentient beings are precious, I can go out of my way to save the life of an insect or other tiny creatures.

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My diet is mostly Raw Vegan.

Mother Earth is sick now and I feel an urgency. My attempts to transition to a fully Raw Vegan. Loves to travel and I have not done enough. Woman must be open to polygamy.

Raw food vegan dating and raw food vegetarian dating

Practice yoga meditation and

It's great to follow out my journey with a match. Almost all the solutions we hear about simply aim at delaying an unavoidable end. Kindness and self-expression from the depth of the soul can be greatly moving, in life, in art, in music, there is something true and deeply rooted in us that seeks to be expressed. In most situations I am the one eating consciously, thinking outside the box to solve problems and challenging the status quo - not in ignorance though - with deliberate thought and curiosity.

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Woman must be interested in building a large tribe on our own land with our own resources, away from government tyrrany. She must be willing to contribute to the greater good of our tribe.

All sentient beings are precious