Updating perl modules

Updating perl modules

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Go through your scripts testing them on the new image. When you are developing an application and you'd like to make sure the script always picks up the modules relative to their own location. The first such file it encounters will be loaded into memory.

Record every configuration change you need to make. We'll see these solutions and discuss when each one of them is appropriate to use. When you have a fixed, but not standard company-wide environment in which you put modules in a common standard location. Set up an exact copy of your current live machine.

Problem Updating Perl Modules

Windows that you open after this will already know about the new variable. There are several ways to do that solving different use-cases. When I did it I installed the newer one into a separate directory. As soon as a perl interpreter is started up, it knows where to look for the rest of its modules. You don't want to install it in the standard location yet.

You can install a second version of Perl in a different location. First you'd like to put it in some private directory, try it, and install to the system only once you are sure it works well. Regardless who and in what environment runs it.

We'll discuss this in another post. Not something we would do every day.

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