The Extravaganza of Haruhi Suzumiya

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The Extravaganza of Haruhi Suzumiya

He's the last to officially join the team and the only one on par in terms of power and competency with the core Power Trio. Like Moonlight and Muse, Fortune appears early in the series but doesn't join until later.

Kari should've joined at theJetman also has the distinction of

Jetman also has the distinction of having a sequel manga with a sixth member, Green Eagle, to replace their dead member Black Condor. Kari should've joined at the beginning with the other Digidestined, but was sick and missed the event when they all got sucked in together.

Several other series have since driven their total number of heroes up past six with One-Shots, Eleventh Hour Rangers and the like. Ryo also has a good claim. Dekaranger, in fact, went even further. At least one every Digimon season, the first of which is always heavily hinted at in the twenty-first episode but introduced an arc later. Then in the second season, a mysterious new character appears.

That is, despite being a natural co-conspirator of Haruhi, since they are so similar. Cure Honey still joins relatively early, but later than one would expect, and she uses a different weapon than the others.

She's only a SupportTwo Sentai shows prior to

Any new character that joins an established cast and knocks it out of one of the traditional categories and possibly into another is a Sixth Ranger. They are somewhat xenophobic, but disappear for vague reasons whenever it'd be tricky to have overpowered characters the next season around.

The majority of the various series

Gekiranger already had three mentor characters who had weapons and mecha associated with them, so Jungle Fury eventually gave them Ranger suits as well in order to create action figures of them. Honorary True Companion is when a would-be Sixth Ranger never officially joins the group. An interesting bit about Hugtto's Sixth Ranger case is that there's only four Transformation Trinkets available initially. As a result, her partner was abducted and raised by one of the later villains. Invocation of this trope also created an interesting situation for the production staff of the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

She's only a Support Party Member with no forms of offensive power whatsoever. Two Sentai shows prior to Zyuranger also had their own additional members before it became a regular thing. The majority of the various series add one or two new main cast members who are fighting alongside with the already existing heroines. Cure Passion, a reformed villainess.

Notably, both, Cure Honey and Cure Fortune, had been promoted to be members of the quartet even before the show began, so it was only a matter of time when they would officially join. Super Robot Wars Reversal ran with this idea towards Allenby, especially as the game seemed to have portrayed the Shuffle Alliance as a Super Sentai-esque team. It takes some time to get him to acknowledge them.

Cure Beat, who joins the team before Cure Muse. Princess Pretty Cure adds former Princess Twilight a. The first is Lin Koujo, who was injured in the first episode and then left out to heal until the end of episode three. Whether or not they become weaker is moot, since the last season sees them as Cannon Fodder. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger is a rather unique example.

List of Haruhi Suzumiya video games Six separate video games have been produced based on the series. Koichi and The Spirits of Darkness, the twin brother of The Lancer who was trapped in a coma and corrupted by darkness initially.

She actually states that she prefers looking from outside, though other people on the outside sometimes considers her part of the group. The new girls tend to have either different powers, different powers or different transformations or some of the above combined.