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The Quraysh wanted to test Muhammad, as they were in disbelief of his knowledge and spiritual capabilities. Noorani Qaida Urdu Audio Offiline. Mohammad Ismaeel Al-Muqaddim.

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We have revealed it, a Lecture in Arabic, that ye may understand. Majma al-bayan fi tafsir al-Quran reprint ed. She was the first to believe in his message and she was his comfort.

Later, the man's wife tries to seduce Yusuf, but he resists. This year was a sad and depressing time for Muhammad. The faiths of the Prophets before Muhammad were the same as his. Alifl a mr a tilka a y a tu alkit a bi almubeen u.

Exegesis Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses mentioned by name Revelation. Category Islam portal Wikipedia book.

Surah Yusuf with Urdu Translation MP3 Download MP3

While other surahs tend to jump between topics, this sura is special in sticking to its central theme throughout, coreldraw graphics x4 telling a coherent story in chronological order. Surah Yaseen - Surah Rehman offline. Surah Yaseen Surah Rehman with Reading translation and audio.

They wanted to get rid of Yusuf, so their father could love them instead of Yusuf. Verily Joseph and his brother are dearer to our father than we are, many though we be. Noorani Qaida Urdu Audio Offline.

Kill Joseph or cast him to some other land, so that your father's favour may be all for you, and that ye may afterward be righteous folk. Abu Talib was the only father figure he had left and one of the people who protected him from the harms of society. Search for a City or Zip to set your location. They did not believe him to be a prophet and planned to trick him by asking a question that only a true prophet would be able to answer. To reward him, the King requests his release from jail and the King also investigates his case.

List English translations by Ahmadis. Alastair Hamilton, Maurits H. Mahmoud Khaleel Al-Husary. Ali Abdur-Rahman al-Huthaify.

When Muhammad was questioned, he revealed through his revelation all his knowledge about the untold story. Arabic text English translation. This posed as the second conclusion to the revelation. We narrate unto thee Muhammad the best of narratives in that We have inspired in thee this Qur'an, though aforetime thou wast of the heedless. All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from September Articles containing Arabic-language text Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows.

Surah Yusuf with Urdu Translation MP3 Download MP3

Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi. He interprets the King's dream, which is about Egypt having a seven-year drought. Later on in Makkah after his uncle's death, the pagans made him face excessive hardships while he tried to call the people to Islam. The Institute of Islamic Knowledge. Offering you Holy Quran Translation and Quran Transliteration in English and several other languages, Quran recitation has never been easier.

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His father tells him not to tell his brothers to avoid any harm. Tell not thy brethren of thy vision, lest they plot a plot against thee. Along with the three crucial events that marked the revelation for Muhammad, scholars have mentioned other incidents that led to the revelation of the sura.

Also known as Obaid Ur Rehman

Translations List English translations by Ahmadis. The women cut their hands in astonishment. They lied to their father and told him that a wolf had killed him. Van Den Boogert and Bart Westerweel. Laqad k a na fee yoosufa waikhwatihi a y a tun li l ss a ileen a.

To recite this story would show true prophecy, but people had no faith that Muhammad would possess this gift. This sura was meant to uplift his spirits and comfort him in his time of rejection. Disclaimer All information on IslamicFinder. He will not fear the Day of Judgement and will be among the best of the believers.

The woman seeing his resistance accuses Yusuf of wanting to harm her and demands that he should either be punished severely or sent to jail. Their initial plan was to kill Yusuf, but later they decided to throw him in a well. It is said to have been revealed in a single sitting, being unique in this respect. He was injured, bleeding and left with nothing but disappointment from the people of Ta'if. All information on IslamicFinder.

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Surah Yusuf Mp3

Later, a caravan rescued Yusuf from the well, who then sold him to a man in Egypt. Abdul-Mun'im Abdul-Mubdi'.

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Soon after this accident, the women of the city talk of how the wife is seeking to seduce Yusuf. Yusuf is one of the sons of Ya'qub known as Jacob in the English translation who has the talent of interpreting dreams.

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These are verse of the Scripture that maketh plain. Abrogation Biblical narratives Esoteric interpretation Hermeneutics Persons related to verses. One day Yusuf has a dream and he narrates his dream to his father who immediately knows that Yusuf will be a prophet.