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It's quite interesting, because I suspect that possibly it's the reverse. Tall and elegant, but with a youthful softness, she seems to specialise in naive characters who, when pushed, are capable of anything.

You want to fit in with everyone else. She's a woman who has repressed certain desires.

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It's your job to be convincing as someone who you are not. She won't talk about her father. But it's not a television. Here she did not act in university plays, although she directed a production of David Mamet's Oleanna. It just doesn't have a television.

And I think it's because of their gender. Having said that, if I'm staying in a hotel and there's a television in there I'll go straight to it and watch it as if it's some incredible new invention.

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She's a bit old-fashioned, a bit blue-stocking. But I'm not judgemental about it.

It's like when you go into somebody else's mind, and suddenly it all becomes incredibly real. Her mother is an art teacher who makes photo-collages.