Spartak Moskva vs Liverpool

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Therefore a much more

And that was only seven Thors- NesTea had an overwhelming macroeconomic advantage which you are ignoring. Now if what you're saying is that strategy and tactics are more interesting than raw attributes of units I absolutely agree. The results of the battles are not pre-determined due to unit compositions.

Conversely, they can be effective against marauders and other armoured units under the right circumstances. Because it sure sounds like you are advocating for strategic advantages like mobility and not necessarily just raw performance defined by unit attributes.

Yet early PvP

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The damage types are the principle reason for the dramatic difference in effectiveness between these two units. Dragoons do more damage against heavy units. It's really not surprising.

Therefore, a much more even trade in terms of resources. Yet, early PvP does not devolve into zealot vs. Sure, he did it, but that doesn't make it cost-effective because of the definition of the units. Like I said earlier, you can cost-effectively kill hellions with zerglings if you surround or trap them. Bonuses are just one of those factors.

Sure he did