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Your property may be repossessed and no reason given other than that it was never yours. If one of your siblings got beaten, she made sure you saw. If you brought it up demanding she adhere to the agreement, she brushed you off and later punished you so you would know not to defy her again. East European brides have special relation to their families.

Characteristics of Narcissistic Mothers

She's aggressive and shameless. As you got older she directly placed responsibility for her welfare and her emotions on you, weeping on your shoulder and unloading on you any time something went awry for her. She is never wrong about anything. She'll blame you for everything that isn't right in her life or for what other people do or for whatever has happened. Narcissistic behaviors commonly accompany Alzheimer's disease, so this behavior may also occur in perfectly normal mothers as they age.

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She'll occasionally slip and say something jaw-droppingly callous because of this lack of empathy. She will manipulate to get work, money, or objects she envies out of other people for nothing. It is not important what circumstances incite them to this.

She demeans, criticizes and denigrates. She's always working on ways to get what other people have. An absence of empathy is the defining trait of a narcissist and underlies most of the other traits I have described.

For all abusers, fear is a powerful means of control of the victim, and your narcissistic mother used it ruthlessly to train you. The scapegoat predictably responds with fury and equal contempt.

If she made an agreement with you, it was violated the minute it no longer served her needs. She only wants what is best for you. This deniable form of battery allows her to store up her rage and dole out the punishment at a later time when she's worked out an airtight rationale for her abuse, so she never risks exposure. They'll attempt to forbid their daughters to wear makeup, to groom themselves in an age-appropriate way or to date. She may love to entertain so she can be the life of her own party.

The scapegoat has no needs and instead gets to do the caring. She left you standing out in the cold until you were miserable, but not until you had hypothermia. Simultaneously your narcissistic mother is Lying.

Often they hold leading post and are very successful in career. Always, she'll blame you for her abuse.

She does things against your expressed wishes frequently. Each woman has necessity to love and to be loved. All of this is done without seeming embarrassment or thought. Criticism and slander is slyly disguised as concern.

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The scapegoat is always at fault. Your property is given away without your consent, sometimes in front of you. An eating-disordered woman who obsesses over her daughter's weight is projecting. You were often punished out of the blue, for manufactured offenses. Cruelties are couched in loving terms.