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He tried to get me back to the prior version, which seemingly worked for a bit, but the change-up corrupted the archives which rendered the drive unusable eventually without reformat. Show me your thumb, you stumble bum bum. Now in windows, the drive appears as having a corrupt or unreadable directory. The Acronis low level drivers are obviously in an infinite loop.

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This means looking at obscure registry keys like. This is probably the easiest solution.

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It was not dispart, but diskpart. At this point Windows should be able to recognize the disk. You should have started a new thread of your own! As I understand it, the recovery volume contains the original drivers or something. Acronis sees is a formatted but not Windows.

Download Free Acronis True Image For Seagate and WD Hard Drives

Intel's piece of software is pretty good technology from my experience. Les Seiler's Backup Video. There must be an easier way!

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You rock, thank you so much. If Windows doesn't see the disk, let us know. Next morning, the backup had not completed this time there didn't seem to be any reason, it just seemed to have hung while trying to lock a partition. You are welcome, I am glad that worked out for you. Wish Acronis would follow that lead.

Yes, Acronis does not make this easy! You will use this disk for data only, right?

In order to do this I had to install Seagate's DiscWizard software. And, to my shock, samsung wave widgets so is the Seagate DiscWizard. Does anyone know how to manage the partitions on the Seagate drive now that I can't use DiskWizard? You don't need to use the Acronis capacity extender stuff.

Try to manually uninstall them before installing these older versions. Select a dynamic disk to convert to basic. That's very odd, because this morning, I navigated to the drive, mounted the backup, and verified I could access the files.

So, I'm a bit weary of what will happen going forward, especially with the inconsistency reported in the view of the drive. Did you try to unplug the disk and plug it back in to see if Windows fixes it simply? Also, Norton had a very thin program that you could use to open their archives without all the base software infrastructure. So what product are you using now as I have wasted so much time on this. Of course the process of identifying and eliminating non-essential junk on these boxes is tedious, but I've gotten mine back down to about processes and the performance has improved considerably.

Try running the ati cleaner. Then later, started the overnight backup. Do you have a disk or partition backup created with version that you can use and restore your system back to that time. Oh, well, so dug out the long code, activated it, and started the overnight backup.

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Also, when I use Acronis to view it, the backup does not show up. You wan to completely uninstall any ati incliuding dd or norton or any other imaging backup program.

We have seen cases where Acronis prevents Windows from seeing disks correctly. But since they are both from Acronis it is particularly upsetting. My c-drive backup finished, I can mount the image and everything is intact.

The only way I could get all the low level drivers and stuff off was to re-image. Unless you're backing-up new videos or something? Revo should be a last resort and only after you have a backup on hand.

Download Acronis True Image Free Version

Lots of posts on the web indicate it does not work. Basically, I had to throw away DiskWizard.

My only concern is that I'll get it all cleaned up and will still have some sort of incompatibility issue or whatever I'm experiencing. So I started the overnight backup. That allowed you to backup an archive to another drive, toss on a copy of the access program, and you could recover to anything you wanted without having to reinstall everything.