Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson reunited at the Golden Globes, and Twitter is losing it

Robert pattinson dating emma watson

This indicates thatRobert Pattinson and Emma Watson were

Despite the report of an alleged source, those who are close to the stars reveal that they are only friends and nothing has changed between them. It has been rumored that she is trying to steal Robert from Kristen Stweart. It also points out that the timing was just not right, which is why they never got together before. But the conversation on the topic seems really baseless.

But it seems as if Emma is not his types. Not to that extent but they both are still thinking of being together and there is something between both of them.

Here are some more gossips about them. The publication cites the stories as made up and both Watson and Pattinson's camp deny the issue. Then the rumors about Emma and Robert made by people could be true. Gossip Cop also says that the celebrity presenters do not choose who they are paired up with.

And according to the news, it has been said that he is dating a British actress, model, and activist, Emma Watson. According to the sources, Emma and Robert are enjoying secret dinners together with each other.

Then again he was cheating on his girlfriend Kristen. Pattinson, on the other hand, appeared in just one movie. And then Pattinson was reported holding a hand of any other blonde woman at the Hollywood party.

Not to that extentBut it seems as if

They both have been reported to talk to each other late night. The report adds that the two have been texting each other and spending secret dinners together in London and L.

He started his film career in the year by playing a role of Cedric Diggory in the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Watson has recently parted from her two years boyfriend William McKnight. Watson and her boyfriend of two years, William McKnight, parted ways several months ago.

Robert Pattinson and Emma Watson were recently seen together at the Golden Globes, and fans are freaking out. This indicates that Watson and Pattinson's pairing was not their choice. The news of their breakup, however, only came out in November.

They both had parted several months ago and the news broke out in November this year. It was clarified that presenting an award together is not a confirmation of a relationship. The couple has many things in common with each other. The star said that the idea of love triangle has been rumored among three of them is totally absurd and fabricated. The outlet continues that the two have the same sense of humor and they always had chemistry.

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