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It seems your server is down. Also, take some practice tests.

Reprinted without permission. Any other advise as I am going to schedule exam early next month. Please name the books or other links to suggest. Please share other sources also which you used. You were right Vidyaravi that Rita's questions might not be sufficient to procure a good score.

Oliver Lehmann whom I was remembering him while I was there and first thing I have done was to send him Thank you. Software License Extensions.

But i should admit, the dictator full movie in hindi Rita alone is not enough. Rita's book helps you get a decent grounding.

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Project Management Rita Mulcahys PMP Prep and PMBOK Guide

Hey Wilson, I just realized that the index that Barnes and Nobles had was incorrect. There is a big difference between the real exam questions and chapter-end. Your license has not been shared or violated in any way.

Point being experience, real life scenarios and learning from your mistakes by doing it better the next time is the best practice. Take time to learn and trust me, your investment will pay rich dividends. Also I have observed that the the question in real exam are lot smaller compared to those of Rita. Great list, but I did not get it right do you mean these topics to be found from Barnes and Nobles.

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For any upgrade, the time remaining will be manually set to whatever time you have remaining on your existing version at the time of the upgrade. When you get a question wrong, take some time to understand why your answer was incorrect and the other one was correct. You have time remaining on your existing license.

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Make sure that you use a variety of sources of prep questions to be prepared for that. You worked hard for it and you have made it.

But unfortunately, the real exam was not nearer to that of Rita's chapter-end questions. This product is also available in a month subscription. This is what I felt during my examinations and mock tests too. Hi, This is rajesh from Mysore. You can pass though and good luck!

PM FASTrack Cloud - PMP Exam Simulator - Version 9 - 6 Month

What have you done well, what could you have done better. There's no other place to go, as far as I'm concerned. Oliver I will try to achieve most of what you said. Expected Monetary Value b.

The true achievement you can gain is not a piece of paper and three letters behind the name. It takes commitment and hard work. Support is highly appreciated. Planning Tools and Techniques a.

Project Management Rita Mulcahys PMP Prep and PMBOK Guide

A Collection of PMP Exam Lessons Learned from Using Rita s PM FASTrack

As an experienced one, can you please let me know what did I miss? Take this test to know where you stand!

The material in the study guide will get you though more than half the questions but there will be questions not covered in Rita's book. Rita's questions are nowhere near the actual ones, though they are fine for practice purposes. Bleed Hey mate, I'm unable to open the link. Most important have a lot patience. Turn off any download program!

You'll get many contract situations that I didn't feel were covered very well in Mulchay's book. Each of them has an own style, they come from various industrial cultures and sometimes have different opinions. This is rajesh from Mysore.

Don't just rely on Rita alone. Overall were just bit harder than the HeadFirst free exam and about the same level as Rita Mulcahy's book's chapter questions overall estimate she has some very easy questions, some very hard. Mulcahy's practice exams are a great springboard to begin with. When I used Rita Mulcahy with my prep, our tutor had a fairly simple correlation.

Real PMP Exam Questions vs. Rita Mulcahy s Chapter Questions

For fast resolution call or email fastrack rmcls. For more information, contact us at or email fastrack rmcls. If you need help, contact us at or email fastrack rmcls. Do the preparation and examination with pride. It is not the entire game, just an element of it.