How to Wire in a Sony Surround Sound

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Warning Never make any receiver connections with the unit turned on. This prevents oxidation while making wire insertion and removal easier.

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How to Wire in a Sony Surround Sound

Connect the plug ends of the speaker cables to the receiver by matching the colors of the plugs to those of their appropriate terminals. Use crimp-on banana plugs or spades on the ends of your bare speaker wire. Place the two surround speakers parallel to the listening position, slightly above ear level, and the subwoofer on the floor anywhere in the room. In addition to their award-winning televisions, the company also makes a wide array of surround sound receivers and speakers.

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Tighten each binding post clockwise until each wire is secure. Tips Move the subwoofer into a corner if you find your bass is shy.

Use crimpon banana plugs

Repeat for the other wire into the black or negative terminal. Listen to each speaker while observing the indicator on the receiver's display, ensuring that the tones and indicated speaker label match. To enjoy these sound systems to best effect, you need to complete the wiring of your home theater system by properly connecting the speakers and subwoofer. Twist the bare wire to prevent loose strands. Ensure your center channel is at ear level when seated.

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