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This production music will take your visuals to the next level. Powerful, soaring, rousing and glorious, it conveys determination, heroism, optimism and achievement. The Constitution Of Our Land. Battle Hymn of the Republic Additional Verses. For Love Of Country Flowing, grand and graceful, this thoughtful and proud track invokes a sense of history.

This impressive arrangement features a full orchestra and delivers strong emotions of excitement, passion, hope, and courage. Epic, emotional and beautiful orchestral hybrid trailer music track with huge horns, dramatic strings, contemporary synths and deep, rhythmic percussion. Bipartisan Artisan An uplifting and triumphant orchestral setting marches with percussive and majestic intensity. Epic uplifting, patriotic orchestral track with soaring strings and bold, bright horns. Powerful orchestra score in contemporary cinematic film soundtrack genre.

Patriotic sheet music (82 Free Arrangements)

Multi-layer Tracks Multi-layer tracks give you complete customization options. Heavy brass beneath glorious strings will capture the sound of hearts rising above the battlefield.

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Patriotic sheet music (82 Free Arrangements)

Also gives you instant pre-paid discounted access to new music during your pack term! Perfect background music for adventure films, intros, presentations, fantasy movies and trailers, games, nature timelapse and other video projects.

The United States Army Band

The second section is contemplative with a patriotic feel. Good production music for any sentimental videos, patriotic narrations, dramatic heroic films, eternal love and bright future. If you are seeking to create a patriotic feeling surrounding your project, but do not want to worry about any additional fees, then our tracks are the perfect solution. Very good sad music instrumental for a sad scenes in videos, telltale games movies and theaters. Royalty Free Music License Info.

The United States Army Band

An epic, positive, uplifting orchestral cue with driving staccato strings, massive horns and deep drums. Goof Platoon Alt The troops are all lined up and ready for duty - nevermind that their helmets are on backwards. Main themes are bravery, heroism, medal of honor, patriotism, glorious victory, superhero power. Atmospheric opening gives way to searing guitar histrionics, with strings melody in middle section adding contrast.

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Epic dramatic cinematic music performed with gothic choir and hybrid-orchestra strings. Traditional Themes Anthemic Specialty. The first section suggests hope and strength with a positive spirit. Multi-layer tracks give you complete customization options.

Conveys optimism, energy, heroism and inspiration. Badge Of Honor This dark and haunting track has deep overtones and invokes proud but perilous images. You do not have to select all your music tracks today - take up to days to select your tracks. Ideal for adventures films or fantasy movies, heroic game trailers, victory. Select a Playlist or type in a name for a new one and save.

Music with a patriotic theme attached to it can transcend borders and that is what we have sought to do with our self composed tracks that are royalty free allowing them to be used as you see fit. This song is very cinematic and would work perfectly as underscore for film, tv, documentaries and other media productions. Ideal background music for the romantic film, reflective moments, heartfelt drama, patriotic projects and other. Powerful, epic cinematic trailer with patriotic hybrid orchestral sound. Main instruments are strings, percussion, horns, drums, piano, and choir.

In the scene where the good guys take flight above the clouds, let this music take the supporting role. You could also filter these songs limit them by type. Builds into a glorious climax.

Cinematic, emotional and elegant track with hopeful mood. Lush strings are joined by bold horns, rhythmic percussion and epic choirs. Conveys power and achievement. Features piano and lush strings.

Playlist one Playlist two. Beautiful, emotional and sincere epic cinematic track with a bittersweet feeling and romantic atmosphere.

Beautiful orchestral dramatic music with fantasy and majecstic atmosphere and heroic mood. Fit for corporate and business projects, presentations and more.

Processional Orchestral Anthemic Olympic. Epic, dramatic and cinematic heroic cue with huge, driving percussion, powerful strings, soaring horns, and contemporary synth elements. You can also get a possibly more complete list of hymns for this topic Patriotic here. Weary Joe Uilleann pipes take the lead in this happy, rolling Irish classic.

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An, energetic, heroic, uplifting and action packed orchestral track. Cinematic powerful trailer music with dramatic motivational and orchestral mood.