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Em cut the song during a brief break from filming. Stick with the original rather than the Coldcut remix.

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Prior to his untimely death, Biggie Smalls linked up with his then-wife Faith Evans for a soulful classic. Bed-Stuy native Big Daddy Kane. They sampled Gang Starr or Main Source on a track or two.

My boy Aantar became my agent that week, scheduling performances of the song in exchange for snacks or hand-holding with girls in gym class. Im not a big Biggie fan but im sure one or two Biggies would have made a difference. Shape Created with Sketch.

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Most rappers in were still stuck on loud, clear cadences. Just keep that clock radio on. It introduced Roland beats to hip-hop, for which acts from the Beasties to Kanye would be grateful. The common thread is change. That he decides not to pull the trigger makes the jam no less chilling.

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Not quite as campy as Onyx, but not quite as polished as Naughty by Nature, so they fell through the cracks as I mentioned above. Arrow Created with Sketch. The album has to be one of the all time greats way ahead of its time. Discussing the plight of the black American underclass in rap lyrics without sounding trite is a major achievement when you consider how few other artists managed to pull it off. The song is the ne plus ultra of hip-hop odes to Mom.

Dre the undisputed flag bearer of West Coast rap, while also ushering that genre into the pop mainstream. Total novelty act, but I admit, I love hearing how quickly Chip-Fu can drop rhymes. Warning - The Notorious B.

Greatest Rap/Hip-Hop Songs

The talent involved was enormous, and yet their biggest hit was a straight-up soul remake of an adult contemporary classic. The way his death was paired with Notorious B. The fact that the samples all seem to be written in minor keys gives this song a sinister air that set it apart from most mainstream and alternative rap of the time. Straight Outta Compton - N.

But this one rings even louder. Unfortunately most of their catalog sounded dated within a decade of its release. Set Adrift on Memory Bliss - P. Cause you keep feeding me soup.

Love the Ice Cube cameo in the video. Surprised not one GangStarr song on there. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. How could ou for get about the pioneers of the industry.

Newly added names are in Red. The Symphony - Marley Marl feat. Speaking of self-immolation, why did De La Soul fight to shed the alternative-rap label that brought them so much success? Rosa Parks brought a lawsuit for misappropriating her name, but by then this hit had brought Southern tang to the rap charts. The song that made everyone fall in love with Outkast was a deceptively deep party jam, with Big Boi and Andre showing off flows as smooth as Georgia molasses.

Ignore, for a moment, that this too was aimed squarely at mainstream pop audiences. It's Funky Enough - The D. There was no one like Rakim before he came along, and there has been no one like him since. Calendar Created with Sketch. Absolutely hated this song when it first came out because it was so different from what I knew and liked of hip-hop up to that point.

Or to at least just make themselves more money? The failure of the Hieroglyphics collective, which included Souls of Mischief and the next artist on this list, to find a mainstream audiences is one of the great commercial tragedies of hip-hop. The funky first single from the Notorious B.

The consummate diss track, with a lowbrow comic video to match. Big Poppa - The Notorious B. How can you leave out Mantronix Ladies, baseline, hardcore hip hop, needle to the grove. He took hip-hop from the crack era to the weed era. Hot Lists See more Hot Lists.

The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time

The hood took me under, where it at? Released four or five years too soon, this was G-Funk before the term existed, layered on heavy samples of P-Funk music with the same gangster ethos that Dr. Ladies, baseline, hardcore hip hop, needle to the grove.

They chose controversial subjects, which sold records and frankly was an important addition to a scene that had grown somewhat stale due to the lack of regional diversity. Hip-hop gives listeners sets of rules that you follow like the law, only to see them change every five years. How long you had that problem. So was the success of this song the worst thing to happen to De La Soul? Click to read the full list of voters.

Kane found commercial success with the Smooth Operator persona, but his legacy should start with this track, 42 domino game one of the best straight-up bragging songs in hip-hop history. But both of their songs on this list would have fit in well with the rap scene of the late s before everything shifted with the rise of the west coast. The greatest hip-hop songs have the power to pull energy and excitement and anger and questions and self-doubt and raw emotion out of you. The result is the first truly great posse cut.

Greatest Rap/Hip-Hop Songs

Robinson tale of being hit on by his ex-girlfriend's mom, while beatbox pioneer Fresh provides backdrop. They Reminisce Over You T. Glad to see them there as I think they are one of the more overlooked contributors to Hip Hop.

By now, it's hip-hop bedrock. Twelve years after the accident that turned his powerful voice into a hoarse whisper, the D. The Way You Move - Outkast feat. The Beasties would back off from that kind of verse as they matured. The next night, I was prepared, with a prehistoric tape recorder in hand and a black-and-white composition notebook.

The song was produced by Teddy Riley, who deployed a similar jump-up syncopation as the king of New Jack Swing. Ive been looking for the Foo-Schickens for al long time, but I couldnt remember their name. Did any rap act every do less with more than the Fugees? Hypnotize - The Notorious B.