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Boom Beach Common Questions & Answers Guide

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  • This new matchmaking is messed up.
  • Does this Matchmaking System also apply to the Resource Base?
  • Otherwise you spend more real cash building your economy with diamonds and get frustrated by being matched with higher ranked opponents.

Matchmaking score will gradually decrease over time if you have several player opponents on your map. Matchmaking is mostly based off of your Victory Point count. The game's matchmaking system and leaderboards are based on Victory Points. Whether you are just starting out in Boom Beach or you have been playing this game for a while, continue reading to learn some of the most common questions players have when playing this game.

Player opponents are shown as red person with small circle indicating their experience level and their white name under the circle. Blackguard Base difficulty is not connected with the regular matchmaking system. Do not upgrade your radar too quickly and focus on building your base and resources first. When you get raided, caravan electrical you won't lose many resources as long as your Vault is the highest level available to you.

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When you have few Victory Points, you are more likely to be matched with players who have Headquarters that are the same or almost the same level as yours. You should raid in batches. That way, you will be re-matched with players of a similar Victory Point score. That post of mine was my very first edit here.

If not, how far behind are they? Anyway, the first post is an explanation of the old matchmaking system. You will then be able to obtain constant stream of loot and progress at a good pace in the game. Typically, dating higher Victory Point counts mean you will be matched up against higher level players. Visit Matchmaking for the latest information.

The more you beat, the harder new ones will be. Popular Tags Blog Archives. Statues- Statues are what is used in Boom Beach to give you more functional bonuses in the game. We know that the new system will create some new challenges, but we think these new problems are more manageable.

Boom Beach Guide Common Questions & Answers

You get new player opponents, referred to as Blackguard mercenaries in game, when exploring the map and as occasional invasions on your map. This game is extremely oriented towards offensive gameplay. Make gold for upgrading your troops. Do not raid sporadically throughout the day.

Losing many defenses and having lots of invasions will lower your Victory Points causing you to be matched with lower players. Your email address will not be published. The base will have similar setup with higher level of Defense, or more Defense Buildings to match with your advanced Attacking capabilities. At lower amounts of Victory Points, Headquarters level is also a factor in multiplayer matchmaking. However, starting when you reach Victory Points, online dating denmark they begin to play a larger role and you will start to appear on more people's maps.

The name mostly reflects how the base is set up. One's Radar level is the most important factor in how many player's maps that you appear on as a base that can be attacked, but victory points play a small role as well. If you are someone who enjoys more of a loner type of game and playing with yourself against other people then this game is the right game for you. Each losing defense and Invasion results in the loss of one Victory Point.

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Matchmaking system

Although Resource Base matchmaking works similar to matchmaking with players, it can seem odd when a player with a much higher or lower Victory Point score attacks one of your Resource Bases. Player opponents are selected from players with a similar Victory Points in order to give you the right level of challenge. If you are not aiming for high ranking in the world, you better carefully manage the number of Victory Points you have. You want to include Statues in your overall strategies because it can help you out a lot in the games.


As you defeat more and more Blackguard Bases, they get progressively harder. Wood, stone and iron for your weapons. This new matchmaking system should address many of the problems in the old system. Save changes Preview Cancel.

Sniper Tower is your first accessible Defense Building in the game. Your opponents are selected from players with a similar matchmaking score. Here is an I depth explanation into how the matchmaking works. If you are into the more social games like Clash of Clans where you can play with friends and meet up with friends, then Boom Beach at least right now might not be your best option. Additional Builders- Right now there is only one builder allowed in Boom Beach.

Victory Points represent the success of your campaign. Your opponents are selected by a matchmaking process that attempts to give you the right level of challenge. Matchmaking system is the system that matches one player with another player. Please visit the Matchmaking page for the up to date information. Hammerman is the Lieutenant of the Blackguard.

Boom Beach Guide Common Questions & Answers

Make your island stronger by building your economy. As your Victory Point count goes up, you will be matched up against player bases with similar Victory Point counts. What does this Matchmaking system imply? Newer Post Older Post Home.

  1. What is Matchmaking System?
  2. Only Go on raids when you need more resources.
  3. When you're finished, start upgrading something that will improve your offense see above and will use almost all of the resources you have.
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Matchmaking system there is something wrong with it

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, vudu or specifically approved by Supercell. It is cheapest and fastest to build and upgrade. Practice on the black guard. Always build your economy.

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You can add defensive health, damage, attacking force health, and resource production bonses in Boom Beach using the Statues. This game differs from Clash of Clans this way because in that game there are shields you can use, but in Boom Beach shields are not an option for you. Who can fight battle on the Beach without Gunboat? Basically, try to match players with a similar Victory Point score.

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