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Namal is a social romantic novel written by Nimra Ahmed it is a great novel to read. Faris Ghazi and Zumar playing very important role now. The writer has told about the feelings of love and pain of losing in a beautiful way.

Nimra Ahmed enjoyed a honorable fame in Urdu literature. Namal By Nimra Ahmed is a great novel which is based on the social values it is the best romantic novel too. Here take a look at all Nimra Ahmed Novels List.

She plays with the words in her hand in such an amazing way and the topics feel honored to be chosen by her. The figures Nimra Ahmed utilized to insert in these books are so astonishing that attracts everyone towards them.

They enjoy the way of her writing Urdu Novels. Her Urdu Book leaves a fantastic effect on their ideas. All the things get clear between faris and Zumar. After studying it readers thought that there is a connection between Nimra Ahmed and Umera Ahmed. Some of Nimra Ahmed novels are hit all the time.

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Initially when people started writing Urdu novels the main focus of novels at that time was urban social life after sometime their scope got wider and people started including but rural social life. We have made this famous Urdu novels list after spending couple of hours searching and thinking about novels. Every Nimra Ahmed Novels List has a moral secret. They search it on the internet and asked for their loved ones and friends that are also anxious for her book. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email.

Aab e Hayat Novel by Umera Ahmed. Lapata is one of her novels that were once published in monthly digest. They show the family related issues, love life, latest tamil ayyappan songs and all the major aspects of everyday life in their novels.

This novels include romantic urdu novels and also include some of the most famous Urdu novels in history of Urdu. This mutual tolerance can only help us become a better Muslim and a better human being. It is the story of a girl Haya who goes to Turkey on the name of student exchange program.

When start reading, readers become so dissolve that the characters and the storyline feels so alive in their mind. She had been the writer with new and creative thoughts, motivated her readers along with her new ideas and became popular among individuals very quickly. Namal is an amazing novel written by Nimra ahmed.

We are portraying humans, not angels, and we are portraying Pakistani girls and if they are not perfect, we have to write about imperfect ones. Hakayat-e-Sheikh Saadi-Quotes. In this novel Nimra Ahmed very beautifully describe the values and morals of Islam. It describes the pain of the people when they lost their loved ones. Because this novel guide me very well.

We are going to share best Urdu novels as you people requested. However, I loved the way novelist Nimra Ahmed made its ending.

Raja Gidh novel by Bano Qudsia. Novel Namal is based on the family relations and all terms to which we have to deal with in daily life.

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Will never be in a position to visit Turkey? People love to read her novels. Here, you would also read the story of a spy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Urdu novels depict the social aspects of our society.

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You can online read this Urdu novel for free from our website. Namal is an ongoing novel written by Nimra Ahmed.

But soon she had been unsettled by the simple fact that this officer knew a lot about her. Maat Hone tak Novel by Umera Ahmed. They will wear it with every non-mehram, even try their best on their wedding, and other functions to cover themselves up.

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