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Hence they were named Mangalore tiles by the tile factory manufacturers.

Over a period of time, these tiles become dark to black from constant exposure to soot and smoke. Bangalore Tile Company's Nuvocotto series has provided us with the perfect option to have a strong, sturdy, neat and maintenance free terracotta floor. Let it be about a simple roofing issue or building structure we are there to sort you out the issues. The tiles get their robust red colour due to the high proportion of iron compound found in the laterite clay.

After winning many loyal customers in Chennai, Salem, and Coimbatore, the promoters opened their Bangalore showroom, to cater to its clients in the region as well as those in North India. The extreme heat of the kiln permanently bonds the color and enamel to the tile, ensuring the color does not peel or fade away over time. The Mangalore tiles are generally placed inclined at forty five degrees. Pascal Albuquerque at Panemangalore in South Canara. Simon Alvares of Bombay at Mangalore.

Clay tiles are most apt for roofing solutions in coastal areas, and in regions that experience heavy rainfall. The tiles produced by the factory were in great demand throughout the Indian subcontinent and East Africa. It was interesting, to say the least to see how both men and women worked cooperatively to produce the final product. Several other tile factories were established in the years that followed. Their way of working is impeccable.

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Clay tiles are often white, yellow, orange or brown in color. The company is currently fully operational. They have another factory in the state of Karnataka. This can also be done at building plan level also.

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Since these clay tiles are molded under extreme heat, they are resistant to damage or destruction from fire. And also we have an unmatchable collection of Terracotta Imported Roof Tiles.

Making this outlet a one-stop shop for all Terracotta products. This can be used in interiors, exteriors, balcony and open terraces. Some of them are especially made to be used for roofing kitchens for the smoke to escape and bathrooms.

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It is corrosion resistant, and has superior longevity compared to other materials. Clay tiles for a sloping roof offer excellent water proofing in regions where it rains quite often. This is available in different shapes to match different architectural styles. We definitely recommend them. Some of the buildings which are over years old still have tile roofing.

It is heated in a kiln, and the density of the clay tile is determined by the length of time and temperature at which it is heated. These tiles are not only eco-friendly but also cheap, durable and costs only one third of that of cement. These red colored clay tiles, unique in shape and size, are quite famous and are exported to all the corners of world. We are glad to contribute our share in supporting the growth of sustainable construction practise. Carefully chosen Terracotta products in the market, which adds a unique ambiance to any space.