Love hina dating

Love hina dating

When Naru and Keitaro decided to travel Japan after having failed their entrance exams, and after Kaolla and Shinobu went after them, Kitsune convinced Motoko to team up and go after them as well. Captain of the Kendo club she was not good at intimate conversations or relationships and was afraid of lightning and the dark. Skip section Born into a family of legendary demon-slayers, Motoko was brought up to one day take over the business. She also believes that being feminine is a form of weakness.

Unable to concentrate her exam grades

Unable to concentrate, her exam grades began to plummet and she began to day dream, unconsciously writing her fantasies on paper and inadvertently forming them into romance stories. Akamatsu has admitted that Motoko is the character he likes the most. Motoko and Kaolla's relationship was also originally meant to be a lot more hostile, with Kaolla intentially annoying and provoking Motoko to the point that she chases after her with her sword.

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She also has a fetish for feminine clothes but states that she doesn't like them. Her irritation with him came to a peak when, affected by a cold, she challenged him to a kendo duel in an attempt to get rid of him. Her judgment on Keitaro would swing back onto herself, however, during a meditative dream she had conducted to decide on what to ultimately do about him. Only appearing in the games and as a bonus art in the manga, Motoko has a part time job working in the fast food industry. Eventually the three would meet up with team Puffy Mushroom in the Pararakelse desert where Motoko would begin lecturing Shinobu on why she continually felt empathetic towards a loser like Keitaro.

Motoko and Kaolla's

Ken Akamatsu later confirmed that the two girls were in fact Motoko and her sister. During her return she and her three admirers were pestered by Shirai and Hitani, with Keitaro in tow. Motoko hates grey for not being either black or white thinking it indecisive.

It was during this coup that Keitaro returned. She began to notice that her skills were deteriorating when even Tama managed to defeat her by catching her sword in mid-strike. Only helping him during moments of crisis due to majority opinion and her own sense of professionalism. Quickly discovering that Keitaro had learned some martial arts during his travels, Motoko began practicing with him in the mornings.

Akamatsu has admitted that Motoko is

However, she maintained an aggressive watch on him during his first few days, often threatening him with her sword if he seemed to step out of line. However, he received a lot of criticism for this, particularly amongst fans who wanted to know where Mutsumi had gone. This pressure resulted in the pair becoming closer than ever, breaking the magic of the Forbidden Annex which had ordained that Keitaro and Kanako would be together. Tsuruko would learn the truth, however, and, in retaliation for lying, engaged Motoko in combat, soundly defeating her and breaking her sword in half.