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Firstly, there is the iTunes Store itself, which frequently offers free promotional tracks as part of various albums, and a new free track-of-the-week is offered up each week. What's more, many offer free music download without registration required. Are there any vinyl records every collector should own?

Have to input something to search first. Visit the new iLounge Free Music section of our site, featuring daily updated links to great indie and major artist releases available for immediate download! Also, we can go to iTunes store for free music.

Items you will need iTunes Software. Answer Questions Are there any vinyl records every collector should own? This frees up your time to search the web for some great free tunes to add to your iPod playlists.

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While iPad is mainly for videos and iPhone for telephones, we mostly use iPod to listen to music. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

It supports English, Japanese and Korean languages, and it it includes album cover art. The reason they are not compatible is because they are protected. But free songs provided by Apple iTunes are very limited.

This website is not affiliated with Apple Inc. Furthermore, the site also hosts social networking capabilities, thus allowing you to interact with other listeners.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. The Free Music Archive hosts only music from relatively unknown, independent artists. While there are plenty of songs available for purchase, you can sort all current tracks to quickly find those that are available at no charge.

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The music-dedicated expansion of popular software download site Download. This music is made available through Creative Commons licensing, which means that you can download and use the music as you please, so long as you do not attempt to profit off it. Refer to this post if you want to delete duplicates in iTunes on your Mac. The site also contains social networking features that allow you to recommend songs to your friends or listen to songs recommended by others.

How to Get Music on My iPod Nano for Free

How to Get Downloaded Music MP3 on an iPod

Best Sites to Download Free iPod Music

You can also download music for free from SoundCloud. Do hope you guys will find one or two sites useful from the above free music download site list. You can download both public domain and Creative Commons music files.

SoundCloud features music shared by independent and professional musicians. If you want to do so, this YouTube downloader will be a good aide. You can also stream live concerts, as well as some of the latest Arabic hit songs. Can you download music for free being Legal for Ipods?

Many recording artists were angered by what they felt was mass theft of their music, while others either ignored or embraced the file-sharing. Discover new artists and genres, share your finds with your friends, and save some money in the process. Are there any music downloading web sites that are free and legal and are combatibal with Ipod and Zune?

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Free and legal site to download music? Check the terms and conditions of each site, and if they don't address the legal issue and guarantee that their offerings are safe, hotmail sign in move along to a different source that does. Obtain free music legally from a variety of sources.

Since these tracks are absolutely free, however, you're not apt to find any recent Billboard singles. Podcasts available through iTunes include both audio and video podcasts, and cover an extensive range of topics. Interested in free, legal music for your iPod or iPhone? Usually current and popular music is only available for purchase, so if you find a site that offers today's top hits for free you're likely headed into murky legal territory.

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Radio stations were able to broadcast music from a wide range of artists at no cost to the listener. Get music on your iPod Nano or other iPods for free at numerous websites and import it into your iTunes library. There are websites like Jamendo and NoiseTrade where artists post their songs or even full albums for anyone to download for free. These sites are therefore generally of no value to iPod owners. Although it's convenient to purchase music from iTunes, there are ways to get music for iPod free.