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But it became something of a crooning classic after it was covered by the likes of The Carpenters and Barbara Streisand. Yet Quik, like most native Angelenos, displayed an undying affection for his hometown. Naughty Boy Komi Mojam co.

Why bother spending hours torturing yourself over some wanky lyrics when you can express yourself with a noise? He dressed like an accountant, wore blue lipstick and was stabbed to death by a random stranger just a couple weeks before his first album was released. Do you remember when we used to sing? Recording Industry Association of America.

La La La (Naughty Boy song)

The song performs in common time at a tempo of beats per minute. Lust for Life and The Passenger. Beth Hart Lyrics Terms of Use. If it was sung by anyone else it could easily sound a tad moronic. The traffic policeman is dancing as he directs traffic, but the cars and pedestrians seem to ignore him.

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Twenty miles south of the sound stages and the Walk of Fame, disenfranchised denizens warred over primary colors and government-owned blocks. The boy encourages the man to leave, but he appears reluctant. This track is a rare example of outsiders perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of L. And despite being poisoned by association with its creator, The Passenger has survived as the Smoke on the Water of the la, la, la.

Lighting it, you pull on a pair of shades even though the sky is still twilight blue and there are still stars twinkling overhead. After all, if anyone understood how the brightest day will give way to the darkest night, it was Tupac. Swedish Recording Industry Association.

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Trust these loveable Birkenhead scallywags. It sounds a bit like Kraftwerk driving a Fiat Punto through the countryside. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

La La La (Naughty Boy song)

His uniform, as well as his exaggerated nose and ears, are made of herringbone tweed. The engine fires up and you reach into your center console for your last smoke.

Los Angeles isn't for everyone, which is what it makes it so special to those of us who can't imagine living anywhere else. This figure is reminiscent of artists and clowns who often perform on the streets in South American cities for money. No car jackers in sight, no helicopters patrolling the hood. Visualize it playing in the background the first time a starlet fucks for the rent. The scene cuts to the next day, where they walk up a hillside towards an abandoned mine.

West Coast Sound's Greatest Hits! They walk along disused railway tracks and pass a discarded, unplugged television that still shows images on the screen. Himmelblau is nine minutes of bubbling, shimmering electronica. He holds the heart in the air, the boy looks at him and then slips it inside the jacket pocket of the dusty man.

Yes, Bowie did some of the backing vocals. Don't have an account yet? British Phonographic Industry. The boy then looks onto the road and sees a traffic policeman dressed in an unusually colored police uniform with an elephant-like mask covering his face. Yeah, we can be pretty, but we're proud of our ugly side.

Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Dre recorded his seminal solo debut, The Chronic. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. Instead, he honestly depicted his conflicted relationship with his birthplace. It's about the dark stuff.

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The greatest terrace chant that never was. Check out Caravan as well. Discography Awards and nominations. It may explain why he hates it so much. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana.

It was left to a pre- Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood to do the vocals on the album version. The scene cuts to nightfall where they have set up a camp fire. As the Wizard of Oz reimagining in the accompanying music video suggests, Naughty Boy is at his best when presenting tales of heartbreak with an otherworldly streak. It results in a soulful, ear-snagging masterpiece that will go down.

Seeing the boy outside, the father picks up an egg from a bird's nest on the window-sill and throws it down at the boy. Australian Recording Industry Association. Your temples throb as you drive around looking for donuts and coffee, hoping you can get some sleep before work. At the sight of the figure, the boy begins crying and is hugged and comforted by both men. No one repped the city harder than its most beloved adopted son, Tupac.

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But at the heart of the metal song is a heartfelt love letter to Los Angeles, the neon paradise where all the girls raise hell. Click here for more Music. With fame and fortune calling, Meic heroically slammed the door in its face. The boy gives him some coins, and he takes out what appears to be a human heart from a collection in his cart.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Sure, we're the land of endless sunshine and Hollywood high rollers. So when the San Francisco-based group took on the suburbs-to-L. This was recorded just as the The Faces were falling apart. The inside of your mouth tastes of stale cigarette smoke and hangover.

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You can chart the decline of Paul Weller by the number of songs he wrote which featured a la, la, la. One of the most played songs in the history of recorded music, panoramic images recently racking up its nine millionth radio play.

No need to remember lyrics, just go la, la, la. Courtesy of Mercury Records. Federation of the Italian Music Industry.

He insisted on continuing to write and record music in his native Welsh language. Writing and production discography. He scribbled it down while sat pissed on the last bus home. With all due respect to The Beach Boys, that isn't what L. Leave it to such a master songwriter, in all of his idle bitterness, to transform the maddening hum of an air-conditioner into an almost endless chorus.