Kyocera echo xdating

Kyocera echo xdating

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We're guessing this protocol is in place due to licensing issues i. It's also impossible to ignore the Echo's girth. We'd also love a certain level of customization. Even though it looks like plastic, the Echo's hinge is made from sturdy copper alloy. In fact, we found that it slipped into our pockets even easier than most other phones due to how skinny it was from a width perspective.

Nothing could be closer to the truth with the Echo. We'd like to point out just how fluidly Froyo cruises along on the Echo, regardless of how many applications we've opened or how many times we've forced it to change orientation.

By default, the Kyocera Echo uses a Swype keyboard that allows you to speed up your typing by drawing lines between the letters you wish to type. Without qualification, this is one of the thicker modern-day smartphones on the market, but it's easy to excuse when you realize that you're effectively getting two phones in one.

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Camera There's honestly not much to say when it comes to the rear-facing camera. That final one is a custom-built YouTube viewer, which enables the playback of one video while you sift through others on the side. Document Viewer lets you open and look at doc, pdf, ppt, txt, and xls files.

Review In a world filled with interchangeable Android phones, the Kyocera Echo truly stands out. The lens for the back-facing camera sits in an unattractive metal sphere that looks like it is covered in some kind of foil.

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Kyocera Echo - Full phone specifications

Once locked into place, the phone practically demands both hands to use, but at least multitouch is in full effect and works shockingly well with one finger on one screen and one on the other. VueQue is a YouTube app that plays video on one screen while showing a playlist on the second screen. The latter two titles are optimized for two displays, which Pac-Man just stretches across the panels. Have a look at the samples below to get a better idea of what you can expect.

When both displays are open and you're holding the device in landscape mode, the keyboard takes up the entire bottom screen. We took a different approach. One of the bigger selling points here is the inclusion of the former, a custom tweak that allows a two-finger tap to pull up an app drawer on both panels.