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Who put Tsunades top half and bottom half back together? How many of Jiraiya's ribs did Tsunade break when she caught him peeping at her in the hot springs? What was the color of Rin Nohara's markings on her cheeks? Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you.

How well do you know Kakashi

Do you think you know everything about Naruto? Her make-up consisted of red lipstick and red eyeshadow and she had a beauty spot below her right eye, dating free internet service single she also wore earrings made up of three purple pearls and a purple band around her neck. Sad to see the series end -last chapter was on Nov.

Where does Ino wear her ninja headband? From Naruto to Naruto Shippuden to all its movies and everything in between? What is the last name of Naruto?

Does Kakashi love you
Naruto Quiz Which Naruto Character Are You

What was Kakashi Hatake's father's name? At one point, she met Kakashi Hatake and developed romantic feelings for him. Kakashi caught up to her on a cliff ready to fight her.

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Inoichi asked Kakashi to spend a day with her and to use his Sharingan to get further into her psyche. What is Naruto's mother's name? Then this quiz will be perfect for you!

Who went against who in the last round of the chunin exams? Who destroyed the boulder to get in the cave where Deidara and Sasori had Gaara? My favorite character is kakahi, but on top of that I really like the show and all the characters.

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The Ultimate Naruto Quiz 50 questions by Arielle Rae Aguilar

She was then excited that someone like Kakashi was able to help her in her life. Who is the second hokage of Konoha? Who is a demon vessel for Shukaku?

The Hardest Naruto Quiz You ll Ever Take

Or he wanted to see Narutos face. Who revived Gaara when the Biju was taken out of him? Who's body Orochimaru wanted in first place?

Who is officially the Sixth Hokage at the end of the manga series? Because he wanted to say hi to his teamates in the sand b. Who did Sasuke recruit first for Team Hebi? Which naruto character are you quiz. Who among these people became jonin first?

  1. Think you know more about this quiz!
  2. They both were then seen by a ninja from Hanare's village and Kakashi put her down on her feet, said goodbye and left.
  3. Why does sasuke go to orochimaru?

Her hair fell down to her waist with one bang that covered her left eye and she wore an orange hat with red horizontal stripes. Who was Naruto's teacher at the ninja academy? He told Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura that she felt cornered so she jumped off the cliff, and that she was an admirable ninja. Take this quiz to know more about which Naruto Character are you.

To get revenge on Itachi Uchiha c. With very easy and very difficult questions! Know the Latest News about Which naruto character are you! Who became the Jinchuuriki of the Ten Tails? Whether its a great fact, a joke, a personal experience or an interesting anecdote, please share it with all the human beings on planet earth.

Who was suggested as hokage while Tsunade was in a coma? Trust me, how to know it's the sharingan. She can also erase all of the intel she had gathered up until this point. When i furst herd about Naruto was a year ago.

  • She also wears a green and blue skirt over a striped blue, orange and yellow skirt, a pink sash around her waist and black sandals.
  • What do Hinata and Neji posess?
  • He couldn't stand sakura b.
  • Please enter your Name and what you would like to tell everyone about Naruto for Girls.

What was the names of the summons that Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke simultaneously used to help against the Ten tails? Harry Potter Personality Quizzes. Is good I just want to see my score I love the naruto quiz thier awsome quizzes.

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It was proposed that Riichi is to be exchanged for Hanare. Who was the first ninja to be attacked by Naruto's Rasengan-Shuriken? Naruto is the coolest show ever and I especially like Naruto because he is outgoing and he is the strongest ninja in the land and he will be hokage. Which Akatsuki member killed Azuma?

Who told sakura how she was hurting naruto just the way sasuke did? Group of Friends that came together to catch demons. Though in all honesty I come out to be Sakura-chan. Take the quiz, and get to know more about them. Only the quiz score from the first time you took this quiz will be recorded permanently.

What is the name of the first Naruto movie? If you have no clue what one answer is, google is your friend. Kakashi remembered her when seeing an entertainer that looked very much like Hanare, though she had blue eyes instead of brown, and lacked a beauty mark under her right eye.

Which Naruto Character Are You

Only one of the answers are correct. This exchange, however, took a turn when Kakashi refused to give her up. He then explained to her that she can look up to the clouds above and find her way. Which country has the samurai? Hanare said she had erased the memories that she gained from Konoha, as she had been accepted and found the home she always wanted there.

How well do you know Kakashi

Rage Against The Machines Quiz. There was nothing she would reveal so the Third Hokage asked to use a more humane approach. Business Phone Etiquette Quiz. Who was Madara once close friends with? Naruto is a great anime, it's the best I've seen so far.

The Ultimate Naruto Quiz

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Will Kakashi Date you

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