Josh lawson dating

Josh lawson dating

Josh kisses her

Josh attempts to reunite with Amber, but he sees her kissing someone else. Josh sacrifices himself for Daniel, and after saying goodbye to his family and Matilda, Josh dies. Naomi forced Josh to hide outside in the garden wearing nothing. Don switches Josh to middle-distance swimming, so there is less competition for his rival Hudson Walsh. Bonner explained that Josh told himself the painkillers were harmless and okay for him to use.

Hayley's suggestion of inviting Jill and having a church wedding does not sit well with Noah. He then has an affair with Naomi, who is having doubts about her engagement to Paul. Josh is fined by the police after Jayden Warley Khan Oxenham injures himself copying one of his skateboarding stunts.

However when Josh kisses Amber

Josh struggled to deal with the break up, but he was soon distracted when local journalist Ruby Knox Maggie Naouri came to interview him. Noah isn't keen at first and worries when Jill manages to influence Hayley after learning that her father Ken Anthony Phelan had died the previous year. Daniel is trapped by the same column, but Karl explains that if they move it to save Daniel, Josh will die.

Josh decided to sack Don as his coach and resumed training with Brad. Bonner explained that Josh was scared by Ruby's strong advances towards him, but he was flattered as she was older than him.

Realising that they needed to fix their relationship, Amber and Josh began sneaking around. Josh is more accepting of the news, until he learns that she knew about Amber's feelings for Daniel.

Josh admits that he still loves Amber and vows to win her back, but she reunites with Daniel. Following his death, Noah appears in many of Hayley's visions during the grieving process and makes one final appearance during the Season finale. Josh confronts Robbo on his own and is punched.

However, while they were in an elevator together, Naomi hit the emergency stop button and they had sex. Josh befriends Aaron Brennan and they form an exotic dance duo called The Heat.

Noah and Hayley split the following year after Hayley kisses Josh and they begin seeing other people. She later tells him that she did not understand the subject, but wanted to impress him. She gives birth to their daughter, who is quickly admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Josh learns Amber is planning to move to Queensland with Matilda and tries to stop her, before deciding to join them. Josh and Amber break up twice due to his failure to take her ambition to be a photographer seriously and his kiss with journalist Ruby Knox.

Kit Hunter Amy Mizzi shows

Amber later told Josh that she had been watching him, but he did not seem to mind. His agent convinced him to pursue the role and he was then shortlisted for the part. Josh later learns that Paul set him up in revenge for his affair with Naomi.

However, when Josh kisses Amber, she believes he is still suffering from post-natal depression and asks him to stay in Erinsborough. Kit Hunter Amy Mizzi shows a romantic interest in Noah after he helps with her alcoholism but he rebuffs her. Josh kisses her and they begin dating. Brad starts coaching Hudson and Josh is initially hostile towards him. His endless whining isn't attractive.