It girl dating diary outfits with converse

It girl dating diary outfits with converse

Fun in the Summertime Converse sneakers are a smart idea for summer footwear. Article Continued Below Our food came. Black skinny jeans with a light white T-shirt look timeless, and can balance out the bright red statement.

Black and White The basic black and white outfit is a safe go-to for styling with red Converse. Be bold with a pair of black and white striped pants or leggings. Instead, I tried to reset the scene. Top off both of these looks with a straw fedora, a summertime favorite that will shield you from the sun and raise your cool quotient. Depending on what you match them with, you can be the cool skater chick, the bohemian hippie, the trendy girl, or just plain old you with some cool kicks.

This was not off to a great start. It was absurd, and a total turnoff. Preppy If your personal style veers toward preppy, then your red Converse will fit seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe as well. Denim vests with black or metal studs are also a fun, edgy match for the more rocker types.

We sat and talked and actually had a nice conversation. First introduced in as the premier basketball shoe, it has since become one of the most iconic footwear styles in American history, adopted by athletes, rock stars and skateboarders alike.

For a slightly retro outfit, wear them with a pair of cropped white capri pants and a blue-and-white-striped tank top. Cargo jackets are comfy and stylish, and look great with earth tones. They are comfortable, casual, and give your outfit a vibrant flare. They're lightweight and cotton, so your feet will stay cool.

If you are more of a girly-girl, denim dresses look cute with red shoes. Wear a long red tank top under a shorter gray tank top to create a cute match.

Wear a long red tank top

The restaurant was mostly empty, since we were there on the early side. Try a pair of skinny jeans with a loose grey cotton T-shirt, or dare to go denim-on-denim with high-waisted jean shorts and a cropped jean jacket.

They also complement many different

They also complement many different warm-weather outfits. He asked me if I would go to lunch with him.

Any shade from light to dark can complement that splash of red. Rick spotted me as I was walking into the restaurant and came right over. Sport them with a pair of straight-legged corduroy pants or dark indigo blue jeans.

The Converse All Star sneaker is an American classic. Coffee can be boring and dinner can be too intimate for a first date. He had travelled, like I had, and we had a lot in common, or so I thought. Wear the jacket over a pair of khaki shorts with a white T-shirt to give your red Converse a relaxed and natural look. Red Converse go perfectly with some fashionably faded jean shorts and a graphic printed T-shirt.

On top, wear a pinstriped button-front shirt with a retro sweater vest. Pair up your red Converse with a mix between the black, white and denim for a stand-out look. But to avoid looking like a tree full of ornaments, opt for darker shades of green like forest or olive. After lunch, standing outside the restaurant, I tried to decide what to do.

If you are more of

Or try one of the above outfits with some red accessories like a hat, scarf or bangles. Christmas did it, and so can you.