Isis captured kurdish women dating

Isis captured kurdish women dating

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You can't find them very easily. Other women just joined more recently. Some of the women I interviewed had been part of the militia for many years. But you can see, of course, there's different levels.

And for them, in some ways, the decision to join a militia or to take up weapons, it could be something where they feel they don't even have a choice. Others more are involved in other types of planning or activity that are not necessarily on the front lines.

And the practice has become an established recruiting tool to lure men from deeply conservative Muslim societies, where casual sex is taboo and dating is forbidden. And women also played a very important role in that battle. And then getting more information about where they're from and their motivations for joining is quite challenging.

But beyond that we didn't really know much about them. So the battle of Tell Abyad was very crucial in linking and sort of creating a larger Kurdish entity. They're in the mountains somewhere fighting.

They're very motivated to go to battle. So it is something that they don't just preach but they actually in their everyday lives, to a large extent, seem to practice. But they were not connected. Stories about it have been making their way into the newspapers for years. Most of them don't use email.

It shouldn't be romanticized or glorifiedThey don't have cellphones most of

They don't have cellphones, most of them. And that's what my motivation was to begin this research project to try to understand that and to basically gather very basic demographic information about the women. It shouldn't be romanticized or glorified.