Most Intimidating Team Names

Intimidating baseball nicknames dr

The CrewAlso a popular snack cake

The Great Bambino's legend has out lasted them all. Also a related term for royal. When you can become one of the more popular athletes in baseball batting. The Evil Empire of the West - Used by detractors.

It's probably the most colorful nickname in sports history, with a great story to back it up. That didn't stop people from complaining about the complimentary but racist nickname however.

The Crew - Short version of the previous. Go Cubs Go - An official team and victory song written by Steve Goodman in that becomes popular when Cubs are having success. Also a popular snack cake. Short, to the point, and a bit lyrical. The Brew Crew - Short version of the formal name.

Sometimes seemingly playing among boys. He truly is a dominant presence on the field while maintaining a laid back, quiet demeanor in his own life. Many of the names are so established that newspapers routinely use the names in headlines. Throughout his career, Liddell was known for keeping a cool head at all times, whether he was preparing for a fight or in the ring competing. Christian Wheeler Berea, Ky.

Reference from the team's problems during the era getting a world championship. The Orange Birds - Reference to male orioles, which are orange birds.

My vote is for is career accomplishments and for the accuracy of his nickname as it describes his character. He is widely referred to as the G. The next highest point per game total is Mario Lemieux, but he played almost fewer games than Gretzky, thus totaling over fewer points. The Yankees of the West - The expectancy that the Dodgers will be like Yankees on the other coast in terms of expectancies and payroll. The Birds - Reference to orioles, which are birds.

Just that one added word that said it all about his career and accomplishments in the game. Magic Johnson is the third man to share this spot on our list. Bleeding Dodger Blue - Avid fans. The Fins - Reference to the fins of a marlin. Los Doyers - Name in Spanish.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Tom Maurer Kingsport, Tenn.

Most Intimidating Team Names

Elliot Chalom Brooklyn, N. No other shortstop could get to the ball as fast as, and utilize the fielders around him like Ozzie.

Go Cubs Go

Not commonly used, except in marketing. The Gunslinger via flickr.

The Flubs - Referring to the Cubs team when failing expectations. The Sawx - In imitation of the Boston accent. Reference to the large Hispanic population of Los Angeles. People will most definitely come.