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I'm dating my sister in law's brother, can i marry my sister in law - marriage remarriage

One of the aunts passed away, then one of the brothers. The one brother-in-law who seems to be attracted to me is also very negative, self-centered, and is a misogynist as well as a chauvinist. Any one have some perspective on this? This is my biggest concern, and I think it bears repeating. If one of them wanted to date me, belfast dating what would I do?

Since neither of you have dated, it could be that a large part of the attraction here is safety and familiarity. It was flattering, but it did make me wonder. Jane, I've always considered you a good friend. This site is run by widowed people, hook nova for widowed people. There are so many absolutely wonderful women who are available because of a spouse's earlier death.

Would it be weird to date my brother in law s sister


  1. You are both responsible adults and are obviously fond on each other and enjoy each others company.
  2. Mariposa, I am also seen by my late husband's family as an outsider.
  3. Are there boundaries there that you are willing to test?
  4. It has been a year and a half, and while they are all polite to me, well, my F-I-L and his wife are, my S-I-L won't speak to me, I know that they just view me as some sort of emotional obligation.

Since you haven't tried any dating at all, I would recommend questioning yourself as to whether your feelings are very strong, or whether, in some way, this represents an easy way out. As with seeing anyone you've known for some time, it is good to take it slow and be very careful so as not to screw up what you had before by dating. Is it inappropriate for me to ask her about possible dating with a long term relationship and even marriage on my mind?

I m in love - but it s with my sister-in-law s brother who s twice my age

My experience suggests that would be entirely dependent on the older people in question. Have you asked her out to dinner? There's a tremendous amount of sweet answers and support for you here. What I am looking for is lots of opinions to mull over.

Can I marry my Sister in Law - marriage remarriage

Would it be weird to date my brother in law s sister - GirlsAskGuys
Is it ok to date my sister in laws brother

Just make sure you broach the subject with a built-in out in case she just wants to remain platonic family. But then, people marry for all kinds of reasons, and that's a perfectly legitimate reason to be together. Romantic feelings can be built on this kind of close, bonded, trusting relationship, so I'm not sure what this means.

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Before marrying my grandmother, my grandfather married her sister this was in Italy. How would they react to this? But it could also be fine for you to see and get to know other women who have no connection to your wife. The new couple still comes to weddings and funerals. That doesn't mean she isn't a lovely person, and it also doesn't mean that it's not a good reason to want to spend your life with her.

To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Basically, the spouses switched. Otherwise, just fine and ethical. All best to you and her for your future happiness. You say you spend a moderate amount of time together but don't elaborate.

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The remaining brother married his sister inlaw. But in both of the cases I am familiar with, everyone became comfortable with the idea in time, and the marriages were in one case and are in the other happy. There is nothing wrong with this. As long as that's what people want, then it's totally appropriate.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you find happiness. Just so you know, I will make sure nothing comes of this because of certain negative traits that I see in his family. My husband and I loved each other and he was my family even though his mothers and brothers apparently did not get this. You're not blood related to her at all? Can I marry my Sister in Law?

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Out of curiosity, have you sought any kind of grief therapy? The only disapproval they received was from the church, but that's another story. Don't disregard any expert's advice or take any action as a result of what you read here. There is nothing remotely wrong with this at all. She seemed to be fine with it.

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As far as monetary help, I have always known that neither the in-laws or my own family could or would help me. My inlaws are very wealthy, yet every time I call them, they make a point of telling me that they have no money. This is not exactly the same situation, private dating service but my two aunts married brothers.

But your loss is still relatively recent, and I can see how a relationship with this woman could help soothe many of the difficult feelings you must be experiencing. Please don't interpret anything you read here as medical, legal, or otherwise expert advice. That would be my biggest worry.

Where did those Mercedes's come from, and how did you manage to remodel your kitchen with all new Samsung appliances, while telling me you couldn't afford to help me pay for your son's funeral? Then the widow married for a third time, but to someone unrelated. Widowed Village connects peers with each other for friendship and sharing. Ask her if she'd be interested. She and her husband and my wife and I were always very close.

  • The reason I post this question here is that I love that metafilter members don't hold back.
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  • Rather, this is wonderful.
  • They also allow women to marry two brothers simultaneously.
  • They never married, but had a very close romantic relationship for many years and had a lot of fun together.

It's not inappropriate at all. There's no reason at all why you shouldn't go for this if you both want it. Gone to the movies or actually done something together, profile for dating just like people on a date would? For me it would be wrong now that some more time has passed.

It's often a very natural scenario for many people. You are close, and have helped each other through difficult times. You know what you want so woo her.

Losing a wife or a sister is not easy. In my family, I have a cousin who got divorced, and that cousin's ex married the widower of the cousin's sister. In fact, all three of my sisters have dropped major hints about needing money as they have been financial disasters all of their lives.

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It seemed to work out well. Grab this opportunity with both hands. Granted, this was many years ago, but after his wife died my great-grandpa married her sister.

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Yes, all five of his brothers never married. Replies are closed for this discussion. Related, my something yr old aunt just got married a week or so into a romance because of newfound religious beliefs. The moderators, administrators, and others involved in running this site are not professionals. We have been spending a moderate amount of time together.

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