Htc sense 7 themes xdating

Htc sense 7 themes xdating

Removing the overwrought Gallery leaves a simpler photos position, but you don't miss out on anything that really matters. This is actually one of the earliest features of Sense, first launched as a people-centric user experience.

There's also a new launch gesture for the camera. There's a raw enhancement option too, offering a single hit edit that basically rebalances your shot and restores contrast, much in the same way that the auto mode in Photoshop or Lightroom might. The menu is cleaner, simpler and just like stock Android. We like the Photos app, as it's easy to navigate and updated with new and clever features regularly.

Now it's applied to the standard camera, balancing out highlights and shadows for a more even result. Yes, both are too complicated and we wish that the standard double press on the standby button was in place, as on the recent Nexus devices.

If you use WhatsApp to plan bank robberies, this is a useful addition. Gone is the ability to swipe from one type of camera to the next, with a more regular pop-out menu to replace it. This is the same as Google's own strategy, where core apps aren't tied to the version of Marshmallow, meaning that updates arrive to the app separate of the rest of the system - Gmail, for example.

If you swipe down on the display twice when picking the phone up, the camera launches. It features Project Treble, which allows for faster updates after new versions of Android appear.

There's a raw enhancement option

Zoe camera actually works nicely mixed with the Zoe Video Editor app, as you can quickly have it mix together short video clips rather than just static images, which makes more sense. As a keyboard, TouchPal offers plenty of customisation, although we've not found it to be quite as proficient as SwiftKey for accuracy of input. This is unnecessary, as a long press on the quick settings icon takes you through to the menu anyway, which is a standard Android feature. It's fun, but it definitely takes some getting used to.

The menu is cleaner simpler and

If you install the app from Google Play, tapping the keyboard in the settings menu would open the app, offering themes and other elements. Pocket-lint For those interested in what third-party apps are pre-installed, you get Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. The big change, however, is Freestyle layout.

There's also a new launch gesture

Of course, you're free to switch to any keyboard you like and there are plenty on Google Play. The main point of Freestyle however is that you can put an app shortcut wherever you like, escaping the grid layout. That's a better place for it, but really we don't know why we'd want to be changing the input method all the time.

It's pretty much the same apps tray that has been in Sense for some time letting you easily change the arrangement via the drop-down menu, create folders or custom layouts. It would allow you to browse a contact and see what they'd been up to. The idea is to have something utterly unique and it's a great idea as you can have a phone that's completely personalised - and about as far from Apple's grid of icons as you can get. It features all of the widgets and apps of regular Sense, but the color of apps and certain interface elements are blue instead of green. There's also now a manual brightness slider in quick settings.