Basic writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu

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Note too his notion of language. But Xunzi's is a brilliant mind with a vision of the world that is unique for his time. From the Perspectives of St. Xunzi is offering a rather specific solution as to how to end the ruthless fighting of Warring States China.

Note too his

The thesis chooses evil human in St. If people want to attain their salvations, they should use their free will to choose good will and follow the goodness given by God. Hsun Tzu, one of Confucian scholars, puts forward evil human nature which is totally different from good human nature in Confucianism. By further comparison and analysis, the thesis further looks into these two perspectives from their differences and similarities. He's offering a way to create order and secure power in a time of chaos.

Evil results from the free will of human beings themselves. Apart from those, the thesis also refers to their similarities to complement the comparative analysis. Langauge for Xunzi is arbitrary, a denotation, a way for people to agree on the nuts and bolts of how to communicate, nothing more. Why, your parents, your teachers, their bosses, their governers, and so forth.

It's an interesting read composed by a great writer who is genuinely inspiring at times. You really don't get to say. He considers that evil is the privation of goodness and is not created by God.

Hsun Tzu believes that human nature is evil and goodness comes from nurture, therefore, converting evil into good is to change human nature through nurturing. All this selfishness is why there is strife in the world.

But Xunzi's is a

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From the Perspectives of St