How to Create a Hook Up Diagram

Hook up chart

Eyes can be positioned

Hook sizes are based upon gape. In this area particularly valuable is a technical drawing software. Eyes can be positioned straight, up, or down. The point is the sharpened end which penetrates the fishes mouth.

Figuring out who's swapped spit with whom is productive work. But your favorite authors weren't just using their imaginations when it came to writing about sex. The distance from the apex of the bend to its intersection with the gape.

Gape or Gap is the distance between the hook shank and the point. The relationship between literati and Hollywood has indeed changed over the years.

Hook sizes are based upon gape

As you can see on the chart above, it doesn't take much to get from Oscar Wilde to Roald Dahl. It's an issue that remains unresolved to this day, as the literary world is still shockingly dominated by white writers. The eye is the ring, hole, or loop at the end of the shank which the line is attached. The curved portion of the hook ending just before the point.

Also worth noting on the chart is the lack of authors and celebrities of color. There is a standardized wire guage. The standard gape is slightly less than half the standard hook shank length. The shank is the part of the hook from behind the eye to the beginning of the bend, which is usually directly above the space between the point and the barb. It's worth noting that literary luminaries and Hollywood celebrities were canoodling quite a bit not that long ago.

The barb is a projection that extends backwards to secure the hook. The internet would probably explode if Jonathan Franzen and Megan Fox started getting it on, but it seemed less strange when it was Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe having a short-lived romance.

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