HonorBound Guides Easy Battle Tips

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Research typically costsThe game has no pay walls

While battling, you will get the opportunity to capture enemies and add them to your squad. Tap on any free potions you have collected while exploring, or purchase them with gold. Replacing an equipped ring with any other ring will destroy the equipped ring.

If you don't have any Revive Potions available, there is an option to purchase one using diamonds. Fortify sacrifices heroes to increase the experience of another.

Terra Abilities Each hero possesses three special abilities that enhance the play and strategy of the hero. These basic tips and tricks will help you level-up your heroes faster and win battles. Unlock a squad slot by researching Leadership and add him to the empty squad slot. You can come back later and replay the boss battle stage to make another attempt to capture the boss. For instance, if you wish to train a hero that belongs to rogue character class, then you should go first with Rogue rank, attribute and ability before doing some training.

This is an outlier fail-safe to ensure everyone gets a match. Now with squad heroes, the training should be regular but then you should make a research for rank, attributes and ability of each hero.

The treasure chest items will prove quite useful in battle. Boost your hero attributes by rings. Use potions to heal heroes. With the auto-battle mode on, combat takes place at a much faster pace, saving time and effort. Research and train Warrior Ability, to inflict maximum group damage to enemies.

You should also research Ember Vault to increase ember holding capacity, Ember Baron to increase production, and Energy Cap to increase energy capacity. It will also give you more research subject such as rituals. You will see a pop-up asking you to rate it.

Gear can be examined and sold from the inventory window. Alternately train your Commander and your Squad Heroes. Archers deal more damage to clerics and wizards.

Research for Key Subjects First

The game has no pay walls or micro transactions unless you want a very quick boost course it is not that hard to level up your characters, progress in the game or anything really. Research typically costs embers or coins and takes a set amount of time to complete. Research for Key Subjects First. Use them against heroes with low physical defense. But before training, make sure you research the rank, attributes, and ability of each hero class.