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It's a brand new version of the dosido. Active-le dans ton navigateur et recharge la page. Perhaps, for me, the allure is that the strapping is like an erotic tattoo? It was based off the pop culture phenomenon website Hampsterdance. LaCarte originally owned the hampsterdance.

Now spin it around and feel the groove. At your website, her nom de guerre is Ana T. The title of this video says it all. On Radio Disney, of course! Where could it do even better?

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Just stomp your feet and clap your hands. Alright everybody now here we go.

Hey you don't even have to move your feet. Plus de filles Chatte avec des filles de x Hamster Live! Redirected from Hampster Dance. The other movie was Are We There Yet?

To take your most excellent videos, and kick them up an additional notch, or two, might you try some of the following? It is also one of the earliest examples of an Internet meme. Will there be more videos of her? Might I see and hear those enhancements, in any of your videos?

For some time the hamsterdance. Come on everybody it's the hamster dance. Hampton the Hamster came out with a few other songs that are actually just as fun.

On a similar subject, anyone know what you call that rope-like adornment, tied around my avatar's left breast? Could you lower the volume of the music? Bounce in time to the beat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, the background music is a bit loud, making it difficult to hear their vocalizations.

Hampton the Hampster - The Official Hamster Dance Song Song Video

What could the strapping mean? It was popular in just as it was popular in and just as it is popular today.

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Australian Recording Industry Association. Chatte avec des filles de x Hamster Live! The Hamster Dance was inspired by the website, Hamsterdance. This new Daddy Nero has a thick cock on him that makes him difficult to forget. Ice Cube and the daughter of the girl he likes are fighting over what kind of music should be played as he drives them to their destination.

There are few lyrics to the song. The Hamster Dance song has a great bubblegum Europop, internet connection software Techno feel.

It was released in July as a single. Ice Cube wants hip-hop and the girl wants bubblegum pop.