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The show's other favourite characters during this period were Gonch and Hollo, played by John Holmes and Bradley Sheppard. There was a comedic element to the duo's relationship that worked well with viewers. The teachers were now equals in the narrative, with their personal lives taking up almost as much time as those of the pupils. The later game secured three character names and images but nothing else from the series to keep royalties costs down. During the s, when Grange Hill merchandising was at its height and the series arguably at its most popular, a number of annuals and novels were published.

List of Grange Hill characters Tucker Jenkins. The three series saw the two lead characters Tucker and Alan finding work. Give Us A Clue used a less dynamic custom arrangement more in keeping with the style of light entertainment programming.

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Geoff's Grange Hill Fan Page. Grange Hill had its own dedicated magazine, but this only lasted two issues, not able games although there was a holiday special too.

List of Grange Hill episodes. New producer Diana Kyle switched filming to a single camera format from onwards.

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He then moved to America where he played Donovan Brink in the sitcom Eve - and had a swashbuckling role in action movie spoof Meet The Spartans. Unfortunately, a car accident in the early Nineties left him unable to return to the ring. Redirected from Lucas Lindo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He will play a bus driver who competes against Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter in a radio competition to win gig tickets.

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After starring as heroin addict Zammo, actor Lee later tried to become a boxer. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. List of Grange Hill characters.

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For other uses, see Grange Hill disambiguation. During the s, Grange Hill did not receive the same media attention that it had had just a few years before. Grange Hill was, at this time, made as an outside broadcast in the same way as its stablemate, EastEnders.

Mr Starling appeared only once during Series One, and his initial, E. The first and second series were originally released on the new technology of home video in the early s. One of the most famous storylines during this time was that of Zammo McGuire, played by Lee Macdonald, and his addiction to heroin. Redmond has said that he wasn't really able to start pushing the boundaries until later series.