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Both Wozniacki and Lee now regularly share photos of themselves on Instagram. Caroline Wozniacki explains why she may not play professional tennis much longer, as she's taking it year-by-year and looking forward to starting a large family. He later took credit for the relationship falling apart, even after the wedding invitations were sent out. The last time they were seen in a photo together was in August on Instagram.

That all changed a month later when she took to Instagram to wish her main squeeze a happy birthday. Caroline Wozniacki discusses the rigorous, time-consuming demands required of the No.

She later told Graham Bensinger that the two broke up in a minute phone call just after they saw each other in person. The Houston Texans star is now dating Keaelia Ohai. Caroline shares that her brother will no longer play against her and how she could've also been a competitive swimmer. After the call, she went to Miami with her close friend Serena Williams to blow off some steam and recharge.

Both Wozniacki and Lee nowCaroline Wozniacki explains why she may

Plus, Caroline addresses the importance of having a personal life outside of her pro tennis career. She also tagged Lee in the photo. How my name is really pronounced Caroline Wozniacki on the many languages she speaks and how her last name is actually pronounced.