General electric clock dating

General electric clock dating

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This strip had a V-shaped arm attached to it, ending in a striker, which vibrated in turn against the bell housing. The entire mechanism was enclosed in a bell housing of steel. This red dot alerted the consumer to the need to reset the clock by obtaining the accurate time through the telephone, for example, or from a radio. Nevertheless, the decline of the synchronous clock could not be stopped. With the approach of war, restrictions on various metals required a reduction in their use, and the bell housing was eliminated, with only the metal strip above the coil remaining.

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If a heavy oil is used, the clock may fail to keep accurate time until the motor becomes warm.

This in itself, however, provided a loud buzz when the alarm was tripped and was the basis of the alarm in all brands of alarm clocks for many years after the war. Battery-powered clocks have the obvious advantage of not depending on the proximity of a power outlet, and do not require the often somewhat unattractive electric cable. Electric Time Company manufactures custom tower and post clocks in Medfield, Massachusetts. Setting the clock would reset the indicator.

Furthermore, the accuracy of the quartz clock superseded the principles of the synchronous motor. If there is a temporary power outage while the owner is out, the running clock will display the incorrect time when he returns. An antique Telechron clock will usually come to life immediately though sometimes noisily when it is plugged in. Electric Time is the only such company in the U.

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