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To make a comic, use a ruler to draw the frames that will contain the action. Create a website that looks good.

There are a variety of popular styles that you can practice and then adapt to your own needs. Select the Polygonal Lasso tool, and hold the Shift key while clicking to create a sharp triangle tail in the selection. Red skin, horn stubs, yellow eyes, prehensile tail, massive right hand made out of unbreakable stone and a penchant for cigars.

These colors are high contrast, and should be used in small amounts to avoid becoming overbearing. Miller killed him, but brought him back for several Sin City prequels.

Among their numerous launch titles, Spawn would prove to be by far the most popular. You could just use them initially to get down your ideas. Choosing from the likes of Cassidy, Arseface, Herr Starr and Jesse Custer was tough, but if we hadn't plumped for the Saint Of Killers, he might have found us and killed us.

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Before you begin, have a plan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your text layer should be on top, followed by the bubble layer, followed by the original drawing on the bottom.

Experiment with various styles until you find one that feels natural to draw and to write for. Comics have a way of making us feel. If you feel that it represents your best efforts, step outside of your comfort zone and submit it. In short, though, you undoubtedly created your comic because it's a passion, autograph math software and the only person whose opinion about it that matters is yours. Keep this in mind when laying out the comic.


Make sure to take the space needed for your dialogue into account. Well, he's undeniably cool, for one thing. Try to keep a cohesive color palette throughout your comic to keep frames from being distracting. Your theme will also dictate your audience. Programs like Illustrator and Photoshop make the coloring process much less tedious than in the past.

50. SPAWN (Spawn)

There is no set length for a strip, though most are usually one or two lines of frames each. In a comic filled with extraordinary supporting characters, Ennis and the artist Steve Dillon had to work some to make sure that the title character stood out.

Despite the disparity in their strength levels, The Thing has never shied away from the fight. Add dialogue and speech bubbles in Photoshop.

The greatest comic-book characters in the canon have been debated and argued over for decades. The movies are characterized as being loosely based on the comics. Of note is the absence of main character Cherie from this incarnation.

You can use Photoshop tools to add extra shading and stronger lines as well. He also happens to be possessed by Genesis, the enormously powerful offspring of an angel and a demon that gives him the ability to make anyone do what he says.

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Effete novelist by day, criminal mastermind and world-class assassin by night. This is the vibe of your comic. Being first counts for a lot, but it's going the distance that elevates Superman from the run of flying caped superguys who followed him. The greatest comic book villain ever, and as versatile a character as his nemesis, the Batman. Oh, and he's a genius, too.

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And, even though it flowed over his skin like oil, Spidey never questioned where it came from. If you just want to share your comic with some friends and family, uploading it to an image host will be the cheapest free and easiest way to do it. Write a romance, or a gripping political thriller. Never a big-seller, Strange has consistently featured in outstanding comics, especially when drawn by Ditko and Gene Colan. Jackman is a foot taller than the comic incarnation, but he's got the temper and one-liners down pat.

Take time to make sure the final lines are polished. Every story needs a conflict to drive it. Analogous colors are located next to each other on the color wheel. Captain's hat, bushy beard, tumbler of whisky and a roll-neck pullover.

The Hulk has a healing factor that's even faster than Wolverine's. Cookies make wikiHow better. You want to try to solve as many problems as possible to avoid them while they are still easy to fix. Powers is currently the coolest comic that only comic book readers have heard of.

We recommend the Menhir Express. The setting is the backdrop for the actions of your characters, and depending on your story can be an integral part of the narrative.

Each film and series stands independent from the others. His healing factor kicking in once the errant noggin was reattached. Interacting with other artists on DeviantArt can give you new ideas and perspectives on your own creations. As each film's story line is different, certain characters, including the main ones, may or may not appear in each film. The spectacularly badly-cast Julian McMahon mangled scenery and didn't even attempt a Latverian accent in either Fantastic Four movies.

Run your ideas by another person. Do some rough sketches and layout ideas before you jump head first into your final page. You need actors for your story. If you have a non-newspaper strip or comic, you may want to consider sending it to traditional comic publishers.

The theme of your comic is what drives the day to day creation. Crayons can leave some chunky parts in the place you colored, which would look strange in a scanned comic. Start with one comic, then branch out from there. Who dominated online casting debates?

The 50 greatest comic-book characters