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He has a preference and well-determined approach to the music of Bach as well as to those of Mozart and Beethoven. Girma successfully explores lyric music with a marked taste for romantic and impressionist repertoires. After a short period of manual labor by day and piano practice by night, financial support from the Christian Brothers enabled Yifrashewa to return to Sofia to complete his studies.

Elilta, in this album, is an amalgamation of popular Ethiopian wedding songs and Girma's personal interpretation of this unique sound on the piano. Please enter a valid e-mail address. Horror Music and Halloween With Halloween just around the corner it's time to visit the dark side of music. Some shorter works Here are some shorter, less well-known works by Bach. Here is a selection of Russian Folk Songs which you've probably heard before.

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An Ethiopian he met there took him in, sai baba audio songs and soon Yifrashewa found shelter with the Christian Brothers in Rome. He then received a five-year bursary from the Ethiopian government to study at the Sofia State Conservatory of Music and graduated with a Masters in Piano. Now Girma is involved in his private work to promote Ethiopian and Classical Music throughout the continent and beyond. He is the first Ethiopian classical pianist to perform widely in Africa. It is surprising how much Russian music is familiar in the West.

Concert held in Germany and Ethiopia with the Leipzig Youth Symphony Orchestra in commemoration the th Anniversary of the commencement of diplomatic relations between Ethiopia and Germany. With Halloween just around the corner it's time to visit the dark side of music.

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You are so Amazing and super talented man. This is a great beginning. He then completed his education at the Conservatory in good standing. Here are some shorter, less well-known works by Bach.

Please keep up the strong spirit of National development. Thank you for your effort to bring our country Ethiopia to the level where developed countries reached in terms of information communication. However his most famous works are often converted into music for other instruments.

Franz Liszt is best known as a pianist and composer of piano music, but he was very influential as a composer and musician. His training in Bulgaria was never a rosy one. Composed and arranged the music for the album Meleya Keleme.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit. Rondo from Mozart's Horn Concerto No. Get in Touch Please enter your name. It is usually used during happy occasions like weddings and other joyous social events. Girma was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Oct.

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We respect the legal rights of copyright holders. Elilta is the vocal custom by which Ethiopians express their deepest joy. Blanke, John Bridgetower, George A.

God bless you and God bless Ethiopia. The most inspirational Ethiopian musics old and new collections can be found in this site. On his spare time, he also gives private piano lessons to students of different age groups. Joseph Haydn has numbered symphonies to his name.

His teacher in Leipzig was Professor Helgcheide Schmidt. It shows some additional features and one step ahead of what I have been experiencing so far.

His best achievement as a performer is in the sphere of romantic and impressionist repertoires, above all the piano works of Schumann, Schubert and Debussy. Recently, he received the Phoenix Prize given in honour of artists contributing to the development of art in Ethiopia. The Lullaby by Johannes Brahms is one of his best known songs. He arrived at a train station in Rome, Italy penniless. Our article Horror in Music gives an overview of the wide range of music used by composers to invoke the macabre.

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Ethiopian mp3 music - new and oldies music collection

Perhaps his best show was in the Salabaldini Room in Rome just before returning to his home country. The main theme uses intervals similar to hunting horns while the tempo and rhythm are reminiscent of a gallop. Zick, Webmaster, wzick ameritech. Other concerts held in Bulgaria, Italy, United Kingdom.

It is also widely used during church festivities. He has also given concerts many other places, including Europe and Australia. Here are two very different funeral marches. Two days were required for the recording, which was supported by the Germany Embassy. The music industry of Ethiopian is growing and has a potential to expand internationally.

Many have a long history and have been shared and adapted across different cultures. Composed and arranged the music for the songs presented during the second tour in Africa with a vocalist. The door is open for all to enjoy it. The music of Ethiopia is divers with it's ethnic groups of unique sound and different tribes of Ethiopia have their own distinct musical tradition. Bethesda, Maryland Appearance in U.

It also works very well as an instrumental piece. Prelude in C-sharp minor Op.