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The fruit salad was accompanied by a bottle of Il Prosecco. Next time I will be more aggressive in tenderizing them or start going to a proper butchery instead of the local grocery store. Also, the subject was brought up once again about having two or three events per year at a larger venue, where everyone on the list is invited.

Another interesting facet of last night's group is that for the first time there were two people that I had never met before Andrew and Vaughn. Whatever the case, the conversations must have been good, because people seemed to be enjoying themselves and some stayed as late as midnight. Dessert consisted of a tropical fruit salad. After the usual complement of appetizers, the first course consisted of gnocchi with a very simple butter and sage sauce, sprinkled with Parmesan.

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There should be some venues that would be happy to sponsor a gathering of this sort. This was actually fine, though it made it harder to interact with the guests, which in this case was fine given the larger crowd.

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The salad was great, and the fruit salad I thought was delicious - Whole Foods has some great mangoes and kiwis. This is something that I hope will happen more frequently as the Entrepicurean community expands.