Breaking K-ent News that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are Dating

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Breaking K-ent News that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are Dating

This is a typical Korean drama. He might just be the most underrated character actor working in Korea today. In fact, he was so good that he managed to win a boxing title. There is never the feeling that things are rushing to the usual mega-convoluted cliffhanger, or that a mysterious sickness or death will come out of nowhere to further the plot. Shoot for the Stars is a romantic drama, with hardly a drop of blood shed, but it's structured like a slasher film, and before long I was climbing the walls.

The story becomes more complicated when her boss happens to be the guy that Hye Ryun likes. Hyun-sung then breaks away from Song-yee's grip and grabs Hee-won. Also, her father stage actor Jang Myun-gyo a. The storyline is too cliche.

The manipulation never bothers

Written by Park Hye-kyung. Using Calla Resort and the tea fields as a backdrop, one can't help but to admire the beautiful scenery too. Then Han Gyeol climbs into her bed and pillows her head on his arm, saying that no man had done that since Grandfather. Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, third party comes in. Last but not least, viewers can finally heave a sigh of relief when it comes to an end.

Finally, it would be almost unjust to leave Kim Hae-sook out of the picture. He falls in love with Song-yee as he thinks that she is a good girl who does not try to hide her real self. Autumn Fairy Tale and Winter Sonata. Lee Wan could be said to have brought in a breath of fresh air.

Also, this series is further confirmation of Kong Hyo-jin's immense potential. Grandmother then raises the stakes. The manipulation never bothers, and it has a quick pace which will help even the most skeptic casual fan. Song Joo is devastated, but never forgets about Jung Suh even though the irritating Yuri tries at all times to get his attention.

Also her father stage actor Jang

Complicating the situation is the fact that prince Yool used to be the Crown Prince and she was originally betrothed to him. And the show balances the comedy and the drama very well. With a cast like that, it's no wonder that it was one of the most anticipated dramas of the year, even in its pre-production stage.

This could be said to be where the story picks up. The writing is tight and mechanical, like a windup toy that churns along mindlessly, with the actors giving it a heart. Produced by Lee Yoon Jung. Again, Yoon Suk-ho has proven himself as one of Korea's best drama tellers. Before this series, Jang Nara was a moderately popular singer in search of her first big hit.

Song-yee, furious with her friend for snatching the boy she likes, throws a shoe at her and beats her up. Feelings grew between them although he is convinced that it is a pure platonic friendship between them. But then Suk-yeon is blinded in an accident.

The storyline is too cliche

Jung Da Bin also proves her ability, after only appearing in minor roles before. In fact, this seems to be his best production to date, having acted in pretty minor roles before. As for the performance of the supporting cast, Ryu Jin put up a good performance.

However, at the same time, Hee-won goes forward to Hyun-sung as well. Kim Rae-won is Kim Hyun-sung, a seal trainer working at the amusement park. However, this is not the only captivating factor. Produced by Han Jung-hwan.

Grandmother then raisesHyunsung then breaks away fromThe story becomesAlso this series