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The validity of an operating license is indefinite unless a business is sold or relocated. Under this plan the government would provide the land and infrastructure with private developers financing construction. Financial bids have been invited by the end of January. No government approval is required, and there are almost no restrictions on the form or extent of foreign investment. Additionally, the ability to borrow locally increases if both residents and non-residents own the local enterprise.

The government employs market-based land reform, but wants to speed redistribution. The agency concentrates on sectors in which research has indicated that the country has a comparative advantage.

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It also provides credit facilities for South African exporters. Moreover, self-organisation demanded participative approaches to implementation and planning.

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Restrictions that apply to a particular industry apply to both domestic and international investors. Capturing the redevelopment challenge, there is a film clip, implying this possible future. Community-driven initiatives embedded within comprehensive upgrading programmes encourage sustainability of projects and improve the relationship with the city.

Its popularity among global audiences is affected by various understandings. Forms to be filled out by investors are straightforward.