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It is a sequel to Dead Effect. Many titles comes to mind like Doom, Dead Space and such. But let's say Dead Effect uses these fairly known genre elements to lay a great core mechanic on top of it? In Dead Effect, hummingbirds magic in the air you are shooting zombies in a spacecraft.

Davis is a specialist in heavy weaponry, Jane Frey uses shotgun and Rayner uses melee weapons. We also plan to add multiplayer, Co-op and PvP.

The security of in-game purchases has been improved. Controls are quite smooth too. The in-game store is open again. You're in to grind your way to the next level, and it really feels like a chore. Kind of a killing floor, it is actually kind of easy and even on hard difficulty I didnt have many problems, i suggest to play at the hardest difficulty.

Do not choose new game, because all your credits and progress will dissapear. The improvements are huge, ranging from upgraded graphics to new enemies and abilities. We've also added two new Survival missions, a new enemy, a new weapon, few language mutations and a lot of other improvements. New update of Android version of the game is released!

Players can use bombs, iron sights, reload, change weapons, shoot and enter slow motion mode using virtual buttons on the right of the screen. Install size will gradually increase with future updates.

What happened to all those people, why are they so aggressive that they attack without any survival instincts? Prepare yourselves for the incoming nightmare. We have implemented a back-checking system which will ensure that customers always receive what they bought. You can also equip experimental psionic accelerator as a secondary weapon that can interface with your abilities and improve their efficiency.

But since all the weapons are suboptimal at first, and have a atrociously long reload time, you die often - or walk back all the corridors just to be safe. Unless you're the first to create something never-seen-before with an earth-chattering-gameplay, you're living with a legacy. Few months later, a crew member is disrupted from a cryogenic sleep.

We are only one step away from the official full release on Steam! You were created as a weapon, without fear or restraint.

Regarded as one of the best mobile FPS games of 2013

Includes Steam Achievements. Hit continue and you should get your reward. Sadly, the friends are outnumbered.

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What happened to all those people? Wont be a masterpiece, wont be a famous game but still I enjoyed my hours in it, especially for what I paid. Get instructions from pseudo-Ahnold. Off-topic Review Activity. Make sure to Very satisfied with this game.


Two days till App Store release - time to share more pictures! We can neither recommend nor reject the game to your attention.

You can continue playing your character as normal. If everything goes smoothly, the Early Access Demo should be ready around the beginning of April. Unlike the original game player character fires automatically when his reticle rests on enemy. We're clearly in B-movie sci-fi territory, and don't expect anything else. Unless you're the first to create something never-seen-before with an earth-chattering-gameplay, you're So, what makes a game a great game?

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Prepare yourselves for the incoming nightmare! Zombies are always fun, especially when many and you have lot of different weapons to kill them with.

BadFly Interactive have just announced in the Steam forums that they are working on a desktop version of their award-winning sci-fi sequel. Let's take a look at some pictures from our game. We apologize for inconvenience to everyone who had problems with purchases. It has the power to take over your mind, and once it's there, it never leaves.

Help them along the way by choosing the best gear! Enjoy the game in single-player, co-op or PvP multiplayer. This is to make sure we can deliver the game on both platforms at the same time, and that you will end up playing a final product, properly tested and debugged, the way it was meant to be.

Until the last phase of testing shows how the game stands. Another is Minikin, who is the best and probably only mechanic on the ship. If everything goes smoothly, we want to release the final game before Christmas of this year. Call your friends to action and together take up arms against the enemy! The player has to fight soldiers sent to the facility.

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He's the character who you would go to for weapons, weapon upgrades, etc. Still several more weeks ahead of us, but we think it's the right time to share some basic information about the game. It also adds a lot of new combat abilities that can be used by other characters too, and new unique ability for each of the characters.

We are very happy to inform you, that our game is already completed and if everything goes smoothly, it will be available on the App Store very soon. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. Your hero adapts, grows and gets better as you play. You might want to back up your data manually before you switch to beta. Why are they so aggressive and attack without any survival instincts?

By Metascore By user score. System Requirements Windows. Controls can be customized from the main menu, with each icon individually repositionable as the player sees fits. One of the most anticipated features is the cooperative multiplayer mode, where the players can go through all game levels and special missions with the help of one or two other players.

Want to know moreRegarded as one of the best mobile FPS games of 2013