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Adjacent to the town square where the church is situated is the Casino bar where we received a complimentary Tappas with our drinks. The captive water on this sunny morning was a sparkling blue.

Next came the Princess Grill where we dined for the next grade of passengers and a third tier for those paying the least. All this information was translated by our two in-house interpreters. As usual, a stop off for lunch was made on the way home and again as is the norm with the Freewheelers the price was right! It was soon time to take the turn into La Rancho Restaurant, where a splendid Sunday lunch was taken.

The group were met by the official guide David who took us round the ruins explaining each part as we went. La Marina Traditional but with a Dutch twist! Some then went for lunch in the Urbanisation.

Our process of continually checking all of our members protects you every step of the way. The final visit of the month saw the Freewheelers once again join forces with the Phoenix Classic Car Club to display a number of cars in support of the San Fulgencio Cricket Club. As is also the case when visiting similar places there was a shop which not only sold oil but also walnuts, wine cheese etc.

The road surface is near perfect, so new in fact that when we did the recce last week it was not quite finished. Your profile has been saved.

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Freewheelers celebrated their second anniversary by driving to the caves at Canelobre. In the production shed we saw a van style body under construction, cab and body being one molded unit. Unfortunately some left before the entertainment started which was provided by the vocals Juan who sang and played songs from classic artists and musicals of yesteryear. Although not very traditional the spare ribs were to die for.

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Introductions and explanations over we headed across the road to the world famous Valor chocolate factory. Confirm they are interested in a relationship with one of our members. The talk was of distributors, transmission wear, big-ends and magnetos, and that was just the lady drivers! Most had never heard of the place never mind the car factory within our region. Not everybody came to the start, some from the other side of Catral met at the location.

First destination was the Olive Oil producing plant in San Isidro where Richard gave a detailed account of the process as we went around the plant. With cabins for passengers and a crew of this is the largest liner in the Fred Olsen fleet.

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Torrevieja's water treatment plant was built over thirty years ago and has since twice been modernised and expanded to take care of the ever increasing population of the town. All clutching our valued purchases we returned to the car park and our watchful policeman for more filming simulating the group leaving Torrevieja artists licence! Although this top speed is restricted in Spain to comply with certain taxation regulations. There was some discussion as to wether a Yorkshire Pudding made in Spain could actually be called Yorkshire Pudding in light of the recent ruling from Brussels on Rhubarb from the Yorkshire triangle. This was a very interesting tour and right on our doorstep.

It all goes to show that Freewheeling is fun and full of variety. If you like motor's you should pay them a visit, Rob is always willing to talk cars. This was followed by what everybody had been waiting for, the shop with ample samples to try before you buy.

For reasons unknown at the time the drive had to be cancelled which eventually brought the event to a premature close but not before the exchange of commemorative plaques with the attending clubs. Most of the vehicles in the storage shed were of pick-up style with fiber glass cab and aluminium cargo carrying body. All too soon it was time to go and another fantastic day out with the freewheelers came to a close. The information pamphlet available at the reception is very informative and also has a map to guide you round the recommended route.

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Finally it was time for lunch just down the road to La Estasion for a very Spanish Menu del dia. There was much frivolity and banter as everybody tucked into their self provided picnic, Richard even lit his B-B-Q so that anyone who chose to could cook their own, there is always one isn't there?

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As usual the split was between sellers and clubs with just a couple of private collections. The French Post Office have ordered and there is another order pending from Finland. Now for the tour of the old town and the history of Vila Joiosa, Malena explained the the town dated back to the bronze age. Well done everybody who bought tickets and thank you.

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This final process includes adding chlorine not unlike that in our swimming pools, but stronger doses. Visits to, and tours of, are usually reserved exclusively for tourist office employee's and the Press, holy dating so we were very privileged to be invited aboard. After a very Spanish lunch the co-founder of the Freewheelers thanked Basil for all the time and effort he had dedicated into making the Freewheelers such a success.

First port of call was the separation shed where the solids are extracted through a coarse mesh-type filter. This is also where the first interview with the Spanish Television team took place. No doubt he will be back again!

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There is also a segregation system where those paying the most and occupying the various suites on the top deck have privileged areas not available to others paying less and occupying lesser cabins. Not a misprint, Apple Cake, wonderbar! On arrival at the San Remo there was a champagne reception well, Cava really before we were led to our half of the large dining room which was partitioned off from an equally large Spanish party.

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Freewheeling in January January was a busy month for the Freewheelers. All too soon, with the sun disappearing below the treetops it was time to head home and reminisce on another Freewheelers day out. Variety is the spice of life, rock on Tommy! Running a two shift system until August when a third shift is introduced to cater for the extra demand for Christmas.

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Eventually parking in the Generalitat Square where the cars would remain under the watchful eye of the policia local until our departure after lunch. The museum and short film show the process from when the first beans were crushed by hand to todays ultra modern process which produces chocolate exported throughout the world. There was still quite a convoy that departed La Marina although we did loose a spitfire on the way, I think a Messerschmitt must have got him. The correct balance is maintained by computers.

This part of the operation was the only smelly part of the whole plant. Unfortunately, no members were found.

When organising a day out a sewage works is not the first place that springs to mind. Other bodies can be fitted according to customers requirements.